Film: 8477

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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News from France 1945.

Grand Prix horse racing. Gymnastics. State of buildings and housing after the end of World War Two. Memorials. French police or gendarmes parade. Huge religious ceremony at Giffellt (?). U.S. and French meet at Reims. German Nazi war room. Eisenhower victory parade in Washington D.C.. War in the east in Japan. Ruins of Berlin. The Allies in Berlin, big parades with the British, the Americans and the Russians.

'Le grand Prix' a crowded side of the horse racing track, some people stand on a raised platform to see over the heads of the rest. The thick crowd mills outside the track in a park like area. Women and women quite dressed up, go up the stairs into the grandstand, below a large boards displaying the odds of one race. The horses are line up for the race on the very wide track, they are behind a rope, facing clockwise around the course, the inside of the course is packed, the outside even more so, the horses start running. A group of men and women watch the race disinterestedly, the women have flamboyant hats on with feathers. The jockeys race the horses hard, they wear bright coloured trousers, hats and jackets. Their backs to us, women lean on mens shoulders stadning on tiptoe, trying to see the race, some of them stand on small boxes. The horses, in an all out gallop, run for the finish line. Close up The spectators watch the race from the grandstand anxiously, one man bies his thumb. The horses run like mad, the front two jockeys whip their horses frantically. Close up of the crowd watching intently, the women in their best clothes and hats, one man watches through binoculars. The front three horses go for the finish line, the at least a length apart. The place board, in French 'Ordre d'Arrivee' Premier, Deuxieme, Troisieme. Etc.' with the corresponding numbers of the horses. The winning horse is lead by his trainer, with the owner beside him,the jockey still in the saddle.
'Exploits Sportifs' In an outside venue, a man does gymnastics on the parallel bars, the crowd in the grandstand watches him. Close up of the crowd. A man performs on the rings. He does a handstand on them, his arm muscles bulging. Another rman performs on the highbar. Close up, The audience claps. The man dismounts but takes a step. The audience applaud. A man performs on the pommel horse, swinging his legs back and forth, he dismounts to applause. A spectator with a hat mande out of newspaper on his head. Another athlete on the pommel horse, a cameraman films him close up.
Young boys on an obstacle course of scaffolding with ramps leading to different levels. One of the boys slides down one of the poles, another boy follows him, spectators look upwards, watching for more. Boys' legs as they go up some separated stairs. Looking down, boys jump down from a height on the scaffolding, first kneeling and using their arms to jump down. From the side the same thing. Boys in shorts only do a couple of swings on some bars and them propell themselves through. Boys do backward sumersaults off the scafffolding obstacle course, the line of boys winds around the towering structure. The boys make a bucket brigade throughout the structure, passing bricket from one person to another.
'Payer…Mais Construire.' Two checks? Held in hands. Hands count out money on top of the check, a woman's hands take the money and the male hands take the checks/ bonds? The woman's hands put the money into an envelope. The address on the envelope says 'Nouvel Impot sur les boijers.'??? The front page of the 'Journal Officel de la Republique de Francaise'. An Ordinance in the newspaper. A narrow street. Café Alpes. Another narrow street. A woman carries a pail along the interior balcony on the second story in a courtyard. A cart lies outside a house, a girl is just visible inside the door from the street. Another narrow street, the sun partially blocked out by the high walls. Ruins of house, possibly from world war two bombing. Newly built apartment complexes, some modern, others in the 17th french style.
'Ceux qui n'oublient pas' Two french flags are pulled apart to reveal a plaque to the memory of police of paris who died in the war. ' Aux Policiers de Paris, combattants de la resistance et de la liberation qui ont donne leur vie pour leur pays et pour la liberte. Somber looking women in black, possibly the widows of the police, stand with their hands clasped. French soldiers and police officers salute. A marching drum band plays. Soldiers march in a military parade. Police on motorcycles. A rally, ' tous dans un seul mouvement unifie de la renaissance.' says one placard. The members of the board sit behind a long table, the hall if packed with people, very patriotic 'Vive la republique.' The audience claps, good close ups. A religious procession, altar boys and priest in cassocks in a line, a huge cross is lighted upright with ropes. The pope? Looks on. The Pope? Says mass at a large altar. The large wooden cross is raised up in front of the Eiffel Tower. Devout people pray with their eyes closed. Sick people lie on stretchers, hoping for a miraculous cure. Amassive crowd underneath the Eiffel Tower listening to the mass. A procession of people forward, men, women, priests as eucharistic minister. They pick up their chalice at the altar, passing the Pope on their way back to the congregation, the pope kneels praying. People take communion. A row of young men kneeling, their arms crossed, as the priest works his way along the line.
'De Reims A Washington.' The Western front of Reims cathedral, a statue of a knight on horseback, his sword upraised. A crowd held back by policemen. A military ceremony, with American soldier? The College Modern ???? Ville de Reims. The inside of the college, an empty calssroom, the walls have no windows, it looks like a cavern, A table surrounded by chairs, possibly the German headquarters in Reims during World War Two. The name on the back of a chair, General Admiral ???. Another: General Oberst Albert Jool. Another : Major ? A Swastika on the wall, with battle plans. An American general waves wilding from the car he is stadning up in along a street towards the White House in Washington. Crowds of people line the streets, children and adults clap. The motorcade, cameramen ride on top of cars along side the General's car, filming the event. The crowd presses through the street. Sailors line one side of the stret, reaching out to touch the general's hand. As the car slows and then speeds up again, the man almost falls, grabbing hold of the seat.
'Double Sept'. A huge massive wreath is laid at another memorial at another military occasion. Officers salute. The French flag waves in the wind, elegantly billowing. A large bomb or shell explodes behind a large building, looking over roofs of houses. An artillery gun goes off. Men load another gun, a small casing falls out the back fo the gun. Naother artillery gun on wheels goes off. Planes fly overhead. A wood, a bomb explodes in the midddle of it. A large tank rolls by. Side view of a cavalry charge. More artillery going off a large field gun. Horses harnessed to a large field gun gallop across a small open field. Soldiers behind a machine gun. Buildings in an Asian city burn furiously due to bombs dropped by planes. Buildings in a chinese or japanese quarter of town burn, the signs in characters wave in the wind. Families with children, parents carrying little kids and elderly people being helps along, rows and rows of regufees fleeing the battle. Fmailies walk ing on the railway tracks as a road out of the city.
Les Allies a Berlin. Military jeeps and soldiers in a main square in Berlin, in the centre is a large statue or one of the Kaisers on a horse, they separate, lorries and other jeeps follow. A large fountain/statue , a bronze robe and crown pitted with shrapnell holes. The top half of a grecian or roman statue lies upright on the ground. The Berliner Dom pitted by fire. A sigil 'FR' on the wrought iron gates of the cathedral. Bombed and burned out buildings in berlin. Jeeps with soldier with machine guns in them drive along a street, civilians walk on the side. People stand by the roadside as tanks roll past, russian street signs. Tanks from the Soviet union, russia, llined up along the street, parked at an angle. Two officers look at a map. Soldiers on parade in a square surrounded by trees. A line of tanks fire into a field. Close ups of generals, soldiers shouldering their guns. The soldiers march. The american flag under the Soviet union flag on a flag pole. American soldiers march through the square. The Seigessaeule, the American military stage a ceremony in the square surrounding it near Tiergarden. Allied officers and military leaders salute and stand at attention. The entire military parade in the Tiergarten square.
Tanks drive down a street. A steet sign for 'Berlin 5km' The drivers of the tanks climb out and stadn long the empty street. Another military ceremony, the french flag is raised.

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