Film: 8483

Railways | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Somerset and Dorset Railway - single line workings. Safety on the railways for railway workers. Boiland signal box. Use of red flags and green flags to indicate Stop and Go. Railway worker waves to signal box and signal man pulls lever to change points. Railway worker then places a steel pine through the rails to hold them in place. Steam trains changing tracks at low speeds. Engine 53810. Averton Hammer signal box. Setting explosive charges to warn of approach of oncoming train. Man waves yellow flag. Train arrives at rural station and people get out of carriages and walk along platform away from camera position near head of train. Close up of whistle whistling. Point of view along top of goods train from steam locomotive shunting train along. A big viaduct. Old fashioned wall clock reading 2 minutes to 1. Filling in a log. Clock reading 1.55. The almost ceremonial swapping of the red arm bands which read 'Pilotman'. Man going off shift. Lots of form filling. Close up of gauge with three readings - 'Train on Line', 'Normal' and 'Line Clear'. Indicator switches from 'Normal' to 'Line Clear'. Engine 75071 stationary in a station with driver resting on cab window. Pilotman talks to first guard and then driver. He indicates something off screen. The signal in horizontal position. Guard on platform raises flag and gets back into train as train moves off from platform of rural station. Engine 75071 and train on viaduct. Train passes lots of maintenance workers who are using shovels to shift ballast around. Boiland station where the train stops. The pilotman gets out of the cab and waves to the driver. Lots more form filling and signing by several railwaymen including a signal man. Clock reads 3.30 or half past three. 4.45. Low level shot of workman walking away from camera position along railway tracks. He removes a yellow banner from the track.

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