Film: 8487

Road Transport | 1980 | Sound | Colour


Building the East to West highway road in Nepal in Asia.
Map of Nepal marking route of the highway. Landrover on a dirt track through woodland. Tented camp amongst trees. Felling trees to make a clearing to build a base camp and clearing of undergrowth. Planing timber from trees that have been felled. A pit is dug for a septic tank. Steel hangars now stand in the clearing for use as semi-temporary buildings. Nepalese workers mixing concrete for foundations. Concrete is carried in baskets on workers' heads. Pre-fab buildings provide accommodation for workers on site. One brick building, partially constructed, stands amongst the pre-fab buildings. Heavy machinery and plant being off loaded, many men pull on ropes to move the shipping containers. Digger in action. Close up of chainsaw sawing through a tree trunk. Tree felling continues around buildings. Building of a water tower, digging for water, pumping water along piping to supply camp. Road building with hard core being laid and rolled. Stone crusher preparing aggregate. Tractors grading and levelling base course of the road.
River view, man crosses the river in a rope sling. Another man crosses a stream by walking along a narrow tree trunk. Bridge building, a temporary bailey bridge is put in place. Bridge foundations being dug and filled with reinforced concrete, many men at work. Form work for supporting structures. Bridge steel beams in place. Men making steel wire cages called gabion cages, to help prevent bank erosion. Boulder filled cages in situ along the river bank. Pre-cast concrete slabs are hosed and brushed to create a natural stone appearance. Men man handle slabs into beams. Heavy machinery is towed to the next site. Huge stone crusher in operation. Culverts being built with brick and reinforced concrete. Pre-cast pipes being filled with concrete for use in smaller culverts.
Monsoon season, people with umbrellas cross a bridge in torrential rain. Rivers in full flow. Workers working in heavy rain.
Hills, a section of the road through a hillside. Surveyors plotting the route. An excavated hillside. Explosives in use to blow up rock. Men work by hand breaking up rocks and carrying out rubbles in baskets on their heads. Many women doing the carrying work also. Moving equipment up steep hill tracks. Workers sieving rubble along a river bank. Large bridges in varying states of build.
View looking up to a helicopter in flight. Minister Geary and party stand beside the landed helicopter and again seated outdoors at an opening event for the Western Division of the road. Traffic using the new bridges, a truck, bus and oxen pulled cart. Driver's POV as vehicle crosses two bridge and drives along the new deserted road.

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