Film: 849

Transport General | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Eastbourne West Bromwich and Seaton with mini trams 1950's

Tram with advert for the "The Tram Shop". Changing direction for the return trip unhooking and rehooking the over head cable.
Burnt out trams carcasses.
Single decker tram at the seaside.
Illuminated tram at night
Tram comes directly at us "Seaton" on the front.
Bus goes down a country lane POV driver and is overtaken.
"Passenger Transport " map
No 11 bus leaves busy depot. Wheelchair user is lifted aboard. Interior of bus. Exterior bus marked "Private" Conductor sells tickets on board.
Red double decker bus 746 in a busy depot another bus with "Dudley" as the destination

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