Film: 8493

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Holiday to Scotland by bus. A couple chat in their living room. A scotsman comes by to tell them about Scotland 1960's

The couple then get out a film projector and a screen and watch a travelogue about Scotland, which we see as well. Projectionist motions a very good thumbs up sign - thumbs' up.
Amongst couples on coach are one where she knits whilst he smokes a pipe. English and Scots Gaelic roadsign for Inverness promising a Hundred Thousand welcomes. Long shot of Prince's Street, Edinburgh. The harbour of Mallaig on the west coast. Trawlers or fishing boats in harbour. The harbour of Aberdeen from a boat. A square in Glasgow. The 'bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond'. Ferries or pleasure boats on the loch. Two rowing boats beached. Sign promoting trips on the loch. Speed boats, a aman waterskiing and jumping. A boy jumps on a float and falls over. People diving out of tree and into river or pool. Loch Ness. Children run onto gravel shore. She clambers onto boulder, he struggles to. Both wear kilts. Edinburgh zoo and sealion swimming. Penguins. Caged lion. Palace of Holyrood House with ornate gates, rampant lion and unicorn atop them. Warden opens gate. Royal coat of arms on house. The Royal Mile. Single decker bus passes along the Royal Mile. St. Giles's Cathedral. Open topped horse drawn carriage. The Heart of Midlothian in stones on the floor. Traffic on the street and an Edinburgh double decker bus. Deacon Brodie's Tavern. Magistrates march into Assembly Hall led by Lord Provost. View along Prince's Street from Edinburgh Castle. St. Margaret's Chapel. Old cannon or gun Mons Meg on the ramparts. The Shrine, the war memorial to Scotland's dead. Two women look through coin in the slot telescopes.
The Forth Bridge. The Calton Hill. Couple holding hands walk up to cannon on hill and look at Princes's Street. She wears a kilt. Prince's Gardens with boy feeding pigeons. The Scott Monument commemorates Sir Walter Scott. Linlithgow Palace, a couple looking at it from outside.
A man cutting peat. Highland crofter walks along peat digging tool on shoulder, and picks and looks at ears of oats. Walks through gate towards sea. Crofting farmer fisherman in rowing boat. He releases a lobster potinto the sea and pays out rope. From a position in the row boat we see man rowing, then from further away we see him pulling in a lobster pot. Walks up from boat with a couple of large fish and a lobster in his hands. A cooked lobster on a plate of lettuce. A haggis on a plate of parsley (yum). Glasses of scotch whisky. Glencoe and memorial. A tall cross. Culloden battlefield. The Royal pipe band championship in Inverness. Three women sword dancing. Kilts galore. Ayrshire cottage birthplace of Robert Burns. Men on golfcourse in Ayrshire. Ailsa Craig rocky islet with puffins on. The holiday centre of Largs. A little girl on a 6 pence (6d) in the slot ride resembling a rolling galleon. Father waves stick of vellow candyfloss in her face. A boy rides a skyrocket complete with guns and a boy rides a rather good model representation of a Stephenson's Rocket-type locomotive. Clyde Steamers. The empress of Britain liner on the Clyde. Shipyard in Glasgow with the British Duchess in dock.
Glasgow and Glasgow University. George Square and statue of Sir Walter Scott. People sitting on park benches in the square. Commander Memorial looks at Ben Nevis. Loch Catrin. Waterfall. Still waters of the loch. A small sailing ginghy without sail beach on sand of loch's beach. Rocky sea cliffs.
Back where we started the three talk about a coach trip to scotland. Wife produces brochure for East Kent Road Car tours around Britain dated 1960. The three drink scotch, and the toast is 'Scotland Forever'.

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