Film: 8496

Social History | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Advertisement film extolling the virtues of moving into a Davis Estate. Shows scenes of house building, London streets and the ideal home exhibition 1930's

Building of Davis Estates Ltd, door frame and brickwork visible. Cityscape of London - Thames in foreground and St.Paul's Cathedral on the horizon. Narrator discusses Christopher Wren's achievements in architecture 200 years ago. Camera looks up at St.Paul's from a pier. Pier is visible in the foreground. Dockworkers and cranes. Building marked 'Cardinal's Wharf' - top of door and gas lamp visible. Shot of Cathedral from the doorway of this building. Shot of 'The Temple', an attractive terrace with grass verges and trees all around. City gent strolls past. Crowd disappearing down some steps into an underground station. A busy London street. Double-decker bus moves slowly down the road. Newspaper vendor outside a London Tube station front. Crowds of city workers. Lots of traffic, mainly red buses. Exterior of Davis Estates Showhouse. Exterior of Victoria Railway Station. Crowded street outside Davis Showhouse. Narrator - it is possible to enjoy the comforts of country living while being accessible to London.
Charing Cross Underground station - many people enter. Close-up of street sign which reads Villiers Street, WC2, Suited gentlemen look in the window of the Davis Estates Showhouse.

Group of shirt-sleeved children wander down a Victorian street. Urchin-like baby peers out from a large pram, outside and old Victorian terraced house. Small, untidy children in a line in a cul-de-sac of large, white houses. Close-up of a young boy. Two children play on a pavement. Narrator explains that Victorian architecture had no pattern or large-scale planning. Young family in a park - the mother and baby sit near a pram, the daughter runs around and the father strolls after her. In the background, a group of youths (in street clothes, not whites) play cricket. Young children walk around a lake. Lots of children play on swings and slides. Close-up on girls going down slide. Four boys in caps fish by the side of a lake.

Map of South East England with London highlighted as a large, black circle. Inside, the names of main train termini flash up: Charing Cross; Victoria; Holborn Viaduct; Cannon Street; St. Paul's; Waterloo; St. Pancras; Liverpool Street; Broad Street; Euston; and London Bridge. Shows train link to Greater London areas, all of which have Davis Estates. Map extends to show south-coast areas where there are Davis Estates, and the train links which connect them.

Row of housing (possibly Davis Estate). Inside of the Drawing Office. Experts bend over drawing boards. Closeup of the blueprints and specification diagrams. Worksite shot from above. Many labourers dig a trench for the building foundations to be laid. Ground shots of two workers pushing a full wheelbarrow. Two other builders load a cement mixer. In the background, scaffolding can be seen. Man brings wheelbarrow full of cement into roped off area. They lay concrete foundation to ensure the house does not suffer from damp. Pile of 'Great British Bricks'. Three men stand on it. Group of workers lay bricks for walls. They also use slate in the walls as another measure against damp. Close-up of new brickwork. Smiling bricklayer builds a wall and uses a spirit level. Mid-shot of work in progress. Several men build a high wall. Man in foreground digs with a spade.

Huge pile of wooden frames. See carpenters at work, sawing. Long shot of site. Procession of hod carriers climb scaffolding. Two men erect rafters. One builder finishes off the rafters - sitting astride roof. Large pile of roof tiles. One man lifts a stack and balances them on his head. Group of men on scaffolding, tiling the roof. Man with tiles on his head climbs a ladder onto the rafters. Narrator - this is the finest quality British Tile (obviously). Close-up of tiler's hands and bricklayers hands at work. Man inside building smoothing plaster on a wall. Glazier fits window into frame. Workmen hammering, sawing and painting. Cut to two, completed semi-detached houses (identical). Slightly larger version of same house. Terrace based on same design. Larger semi with garage. Four bedroom house with garage. Various house facades.

Ideal Homes Exhibition 1935. Crowds mill about in front of the Davis Estates Showhouse, the "Jubilee House", the most popular design which can be found on almost all of the new estates. Jubilee house at the Ideal Home exhibition, with a for sale sign outside. Exhibition showhouse. Door swings open. Pan around sitting-cum-dining room. Fully furnished in quite a modern style. Patio doors at the back of the room. Close-up of electric radiator. Kitchen boiler. Up to date kitchen ("to delight housewives", no less!)- stainless steel sink, chrome and enamel fittings etc… Bedroom. Coal fireplace which can fit an electric heater, large double bed, big windows. Large second bedroom. Third bedroom is a nursery. Both have electric panel fires. Bathroom, tiled walls and portable electric fire again (not very safety-conscious, are they?).

Row of Jubilee houses in Southgate, north London. Representations of all the other 'Davis styles'. Red bus drives by Southgate Underground station. Shopping parade near Southgate. Images of suburban bliss, park - people playing cricket. Children running. Memorial plaque on stone wall in landscaped garden area. Enfield Chase - wrought iron gates. Mother and child wander about. Old folk sit in deckchairs by a lake and a friendly bobby walks past. Tennis matches. Bowls. Cricket.

Station- sign 'Rickmansworth, Harrow' (an area where a new Davis Estate has just been completed). Closeup of ticket from 16th July 1935. Charing Cross railway station. Harrow Weald- large field of trees. Church spire can be seen in the distance. Parkland. Wood. Country lane. Outdoor pool with a fountain. Small children play in the water. New school building. A group of boys tussle outside. Harrow Weald Secondary School - older and more pleasant building with trees all around. 'Spire of Harrow'. Town Hall flying a union jack flag. Street of Harrow, new shopping centre. Buses go by. People bustle about. Davis Estates office. Davis Estate terrace, For Sale signs can be seen.

Chislehurst (also site of new estate). Large castle. Southern Electric train going to Nottingham. Stream and trees. Woman pushes pram. Family sit in wood in Kent countryside. Camden hall. Half-built shopping centre- workmen and scaffolding - part of the Davis plan for the estate. School in Chiselhurst- girls play in playground. Church spire. Roman Catholic Church near Davis Estate. Castle. Estate in Chiselhurst. New design of house (modernish). Train going to Nottingham. Clock superimposed over image to show how quick the journey time is. Man with a pipe goes out of balcony and looks around. View from inside the new house. Pan around exterior of new buildings.

Victoria Railway Station. Quick cuts between fronts of other six termini (listed previously). Davis Estates building. Surrounding countryside. Memorial stone to William Willett in wooded glade. Davis homes visible through trees. Country lane in Surrey. Old house in Reigate. Close-up of traffic policeman. Lake in a common. Swans swimming. Lads fishing. Cow grazing. Two boys run across a field. Country cottage. Davis Estate at Reigate. Cricket ground. Street in Horsham, old market town - cars, bicycles and buses go by. Car goes down Davis Estate road. Workmen on scaffolding doing plasterwork. Workmen cleaning window. Shot of many workers and partially built house. Davis Estates Book. Davis Estates Agreement. Hands tearing up rent book. Fountain pen signs agreement. Serious man with a tidy moustache speaks to camera about the folly of paying rent when there are Davis Estate Houses waiting to be purchased. "Davis Built Guarantee". The End.

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