Film: 8504

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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How to play cricket with Donald Bradman 1940's

Picture of Bradman batting with title. Opening shot of 1930 Australian touring party that won the Ashes, in civilian clothes seated outdoors. All wearing the same touring suits, Don Bradman is shown standing. Picture of Bradman in cricket kit and blazer, Shown talking to suited man on steps of a pavilion. Shown in action batting, swiping off his legs. More scoring shots by Bradman are shown. Shown acknowledging crowds applause upon scoring a century. Another century and a handshake from batting colleague. More action of Bradman accumulating boundaries from a number of shots. Some strokes are shown in slow motion. A number of examples of his favourite pull shot are shown. His defensive qualities are then portrayed with examples of defensive shots. He is then shown swiftly running between the wickets as one of the strengths of his game. More boundaries being claimed by Bradman are shown. We then move on to the instructional part and Bradman is shown giving examples of batting strokes. Forward defensive stroke comes first and is shown again in slow motion. Then the backward defensive stroke, followed by the straight drive. Emphasis is placed on the feet movement and is repeated in slow motion. The off-drive and then the cover drive are demonstrated by Bradman. A forcing shot off the back foot is then shown. The square-cut is then demonstrated , followed by the forward leg-glance. A backward leg-glance is demonstrated before Bradman's favourite, the pull-shot. Emphasis is placed on wrist and foot movement. The hook shot is then demonstrated by Bradman. Driving a slow bowler is then shown with attention paid to the foot movement. The shot is repeated in slow motion. Moving to the art of bowling, Bradman demonstrates the various grips of the ball. Firstly the inswinger, then the outswinger. Bradman's grip for the leg break is then shown. Finally we see some examples of fielding. Bradman demonstrates retrieving and returning the ball. Action then switches to live play. Bradman is shown in the field displaying the virtues of his captaincy. He converses with his bowlers after studying the batsmen, moves fielders and plans and watches every move. He is shown helping his injured colleague, Sydney Barnes from the field. He is shown coming out to bat in his last innings for Australia against England at the Oval in 1948. Upon arrival at the wicket, he is met by a chorus of three cheers by the England captain and his team. His spell at the wicket is brief but the award of a knighthood following his retirement is ample reward. The crowd at the Oval converge in front of the pavilion to applaud the suited Bradman. He is then shown giving a speech at an after-match banquet. Long shot of crowded banquet hall, then Bradman signing autographs for young boys. Shot of young boys practising in cricket nets and close up of coach instructing batsmen. Film concludes with head-and-shoulders shot of a beaming Bradman in Aussie "baggy" cap.

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