Film: 8505

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Day in the life of a London bus route 1970's

( Countdown leader is so very nice that it has been included on this film. Unusually the count is up from number one to 9 (sound and graphic) with the countdown being spoken)
Number 9 bus approaches, pulls up at request stop - destination board says Liverpool Street - posters at front advertising 197(?9) Royal Tournament at Earl's Court.
Front of bus (reg. 279 CLT) filmed from vehicle in front, driving towards us. Close-up of destination board, showing Liverpool Street, via Hammersmith, Kensington, Charing Cross & Bank; posters either side advertising Harold Robbins' 'The [Pir?]ate'.
Drive across Hammersmith Bridge, viewed from on board. View from back of bus crossing Bridge, L to R. Close-up of bus driver, viewed from outside cab.
Animation of red line showing bus route on map, approaching Charing Cross (song on sound track).
Hyde Park Corner, from bus - arch in background, horse-riders in foreground, Castrol lorry at R. Knightsbridge hotel, viewed as we drive past, R to L.
Driving E to W across S side of Trafalgar Square, looking towards National Gallery, foot of Nelson's Column in foreground. Driving E to W along the Strand, Law Courts at R, City griffin in centre; approaching zebra crossing, St Clement Dane's in distance. Driving past signs for Daily Express and Sunday Express. Driving past Lloyds Bank - McAlpine signs at second floor windows, red neon sign for 'Andy Ross' on building at L - then past Wellington pub on corner.
Driving past sign for Reed Employment, then Vaudeville Theatre, then City Centre Bureau, and Travel & Sports Centre at no. 405. Past an indeterminate first floor level wrought iron balcony; billboard advertising Harold Prince musical of 'A Little Night Music'; on to an unspecified bank.
Approaching St Paul's from the East. Front of 9 bus viewed from vehicle in front as it drives towards us.
The route map - panning to Liverpool Street. The bus destination board again.
High-level view of Dalston garage; commentary proper begins: 20 no. 9s work from here, and 16 from Mortlake.
A conductor walking L to R past three buses in garage, as camera view pulls back. 9 bus passes L to R through rotary washer (Mortlake on destination board, ad for Polo on side). Close-up of bus front window being hosed.
Mechanics working on bus engine; one walks towards us carrying toolbox, descends steps below a bus. A fuel hose connected to a bus.
Close-up of number RM 1246, then pan to additional number M27. Another bus number D, and a hand adds a 6 - commentary explains numbering (the letter represents the home garage, the number identifies the individual vehicle). A bus number M, a hand adding the 21.
Two men walk R to L, into the garage - the first crew starting.
Graphic showing the crewing of Mortlake's 16 no. 9s over the course of a day.
Close-up of phone, then of man's head as he answers it. Close-up of phone, then of man's head as he answers it. Close-up of another man, in spectacles, talking to him on phone, asking where staff cuts are. First man specifies duties on route 9. Second man confirms.
Graphic showing cut duties.
Close-up of desk label for Garage Manager. Garage manager, to camera, explains how staff shortages are dealt with; he is seated at desk, a row of red box files behind him.
Street clock shows 8:30, as bells chime.
A 9 at traffic lights on the N side of the Strand.
Close-up of conductor Tommy Conlan, on D5. Conlon issuing tickets, from machine at this waist.
Bus - destination board showing Mortlake Garage - drives past.
On board M36 conductor Dave Bolton gives change to passenger, moves on, sells another ticket. His driver, Jim Withers, from inside cab. Destination board: Liverpool Street - drives past.
Front of 9 bus (reg. 279 CLT).
Close-up of three people waiting for bus. Bus stop beside empty street.
Denis Webster, at Central Bus Control, on phone. Four men on phones, in control room. View from below of electronic scanning device called 'Bessie'. Display board, of numbers and locations, with some lights illuminated. Close-up of '34' and 'Hyde Park Corner' - where M34 is due.
M34 passes Ro to L, away from us, going past the Bessie scanner at Hyde Park Corner; ad for Vanguard on back of bus.
Number lights up on control room panel. The scanner, from below.
Close-up of Jim Withers, driver. Webster requests position and traffic report - by radio, but is speaking into a telephone handset. Withers gives traffic report by hand-held mike. Webster replies with explanation of traffic problem.
Almost stationary east-bound traffic, tying up two buses, two taxis and a number of cars. 33 bus passes R to L westbound - moving normally.
M30 passes Bessie scanner, between [Dorothy Perkins and 51 Kensington High Street. Close-up of scanner lens registering M30. Indicator lamp lights on control panel. Webster checks if it's on schedule, makes note on sheet. Pan from display panel to wall clock showing 8:52 - so bus dead on schedule.
Animation of bus timetable - shows all buses doing some shortened trips to as to concentrate as many as possible in central area during peak times.
Fade to commuters leaving Charing Cross station at 9 a.m. 9s and other buses and taxis approach us, heading W along the Strand, St Clement's at rear. From front of bus, inside, as it approaches Charing X from E - many waiting at stop. People in queue move forward, panning to the bus they want to board; ad on side of bus says "Picnic in the open air and take a Womble sandwich there."
Inside lower deck of bus, people standing. The bus stop (stop G), as a second 9 pulls up behind; ad for Harrods on side. Inside lower deck as people board. People boarding, from outside. The queue, as another bus pulls in. People boarding, from lower deck.
Close-up of car driver, held up; pull back to show bus behind his car.
Inspector with clipboard looks for D3 at Hyde Park Corner; statue at R background, Sandersons lorry in distance. Close-up of Inspector's Avia Olympic wristwatch, showing 9:14. Close-up of inspector's board/tables. Inspector's head, in peaked cap, pencil behind R ear. Inspector's time sheet, as he scans it with pencil. He replaces the pencil behind his R ear.
Street with no sign of the overdue bus. Two close-ups of people waiting.
Driver of D36 gives report of heavy traffic on High Street Kensington, requests advice. Webster instructs him to curtail at Hyde Park Corner instead of Aldwych. D36 acknowledges. Webster gives a further instruction to curtail. Second bus pulls in, is instructed to pick up passengers from bus in front. Inside bus, conductor says "All change, please!". Bus drives in from R, people get off ('Clunk Click' ad on back).
Close-up of conductor at Hyde Park Corner. High-level view of traffic at Hyde Park Corner. Withers turning the wheel, inside his cab - hair blowing in draft. Bus passes R to L at Hyde Park Corner; ad for British Carpet Centre on side.
Mr K.G.E. Marlow, garage manager, at desk, talking about lost mileage.
View from front of bus as it drives down a clear bus lane, passing Case & Sons removal van, and Shell petrol station.
Conductor talking to passenger on lower deck, as another descends stairs behind him. A woman passenger's head in profile. A male passenger engrossed in The Guardian (references to Healey and Callaghan in headlines). A young blonde woman passenger in close-up, sunglasses perched atop her head.
Front of 279 CLT driving towards us. Inside lower deck - Asian conductor serves and talks to a passenger.
The dome of St Paul's, and pan across front as we drive past.
Webster sips cup of coffee; pan to control panel. Control panel, showing detail for no. 9.
A black (African-Caribbean) woman emerges from a building - identified as Joanie Yarwood, eighteen years a conductor on the 9, later to take over from Dave Bolton on M36 - she turns L and walks off down the street.
M36 approaching in street - Nelson's Column in distance; Trafalgar Square showing on destination board; ads at front for Battersea Fun Fair.
Two shots of reflections in bell of silver euphonium. Silver band with conductor. Band performing on steps of St Paul's. View from cathedral steps, looking past conductor, statue in middle distance.
Front of bus, Mortlake Garage destination. Albert Memorial, people looking on. Man takes photo, in front of Albert Memorial.
Two men on park bench, one feeding pigeons. Woman with pushchair walks L to R in front of people seated on grass in park. Man on bench reading paper, statue of dog in R foreground. View out of park, across railings; in foreground are a couple of seated women in bikinis, in middle distance a man runs R to L, behind the railings a 49 bus passes R to L (ad for Pearl on side). Two people lie on grass sunbathing, one in bikini. Young schoolgirls in uniform playing on grass.
Joanie Yarwood walks R to L along road, past Swain estate agents sign, greets two children.
Young woman walks towards us, other people walking behind her. Three young women walking along, a bus behind them. A young woman walking along, as another turns to her. A number of women walk towards us. Three nuns approach; one is carrying a Barkers of Kensington carrier bag; traffic behind includes a 73 bus. A woman traffic warden bends over to speak to someone in a car. A stocky, balding, bearded black man smoking a pipe approaches. Two women walk L to R, licking ice cream cornets. A woman in a low-cut top approaches, mimes a kiss towards the camera.
Joanie Yarwood buys some vegetables at a roadside stall. Close-up of her receiving veg from stall-holder.
Bus passes over Hammersmith Bridge as tourist boat passes beneath.
Conductor Dave Bolton checks clipboard and ticket machine, in close-up. Bolton adjusts machine, flips page on clipboard. M24 enters garage from L, Bolton steps off (ad for Henly's Triumph on back of bus); camera follows Bolton past others buses (one advertising News of the World on side) and a car, to the garage office. Close-up of Bolton checking takings - tray with piles of silver coins (appear to be piles of 10 x 10p and several paired 50p coins). Bolton hands in tray and machine through space below grille at cashier's window.
Yarwood walks into garage.
Alan Ramsay takes over from Webster at central control - Ramsay a younger black man.
People queuing at bus stop prepare to board bus (with Pan Am ad on side); in foreground young blonde woman hails bus behind.
People entering top deck of bus, and sitting down. Close-up of a seated passenger identified as Anna or Hannah. Blind man with white stick - identified as Mr Tierney - assisted to board bus (ad for Henry's & Lindair Hi-Fi on back).
Yarwood on lower deck, collecting fares (interior ad for Fulham Frozen Foods; at back of scene is a black poster warning about bombs).
Driver viewed from front of cab.
Close-up of Anna brushing her hair; she is aboard D18 in Kensington High Street.
Bessie scanner in front of [Bank of] Scotland sign as bus passes L to R (ad for Sanyo on side). Indicator light lights up on control panel. Close-up shot of Ramsay, in profile, looking at display. Clock showing 6:37. Ramsay looks down at his sheet. Close-up of Ramsay making red pencil notation, because bus is late.
Bus pulls in from R, Mr Tierney dismounts (bus destination shows as Green Park, ad for Visitor's London on back); pan to Albert Hall. Close-up of Rank front circle tickets being issued by machine at box office, from behind screen; pull back to show Anna and her boyfriend, in foyer; she is in jacket and skirt, he in denim jacket and flared jeans; they go through door. Tierney takes seat and folds his white stick, tucking it into his inside breast pocket; beside him, a woman in a striped dress reads the programme.
Night shot of the National Gallery, illuminated, buses passing in front. Twilight shot of 9 approaching (indicator says Hammersmith Bdy, ads at front for News of the World - "Bardot and Love - More Secrets", Sanyo ad on side). Piccadilly Circus by night - ads for Coca-Cola, Cinzano, Max Factor, Skol, Gordon's Gin, Volkswagen; 9 passes L to R foreground.
Night-time view from front of bus. Yarwood inside, collecting fares. Night view of 9 (destination Dalton Garage) passing L to R. Rear view of 9 heading for Trafalgar Square. View from front of bus.
Ramsay speaking on radio. Bus bonnet open, issuing steam; bonnet is closed. Ramsay conversing with driver by radio.
Bus passes R to L. 9 heading for garage, at night, from front. Bus passes St Paul's L to R. Bus followed L to R into garage (ad on side for Piccadilly cigarettes). D10 entering, seen from inside garage. Front of bus as driver dismounts. Driver opens bonnet, engine steaming.
Yarwood talking to passengers.
Mechanic attending to buckled fan on D10. Close-up of mechanic's head in profile. Close-up of discarded buckled fan.
Tierney leaves Albert Hall, passing placards for Evening News and Evening Standard - assisted onto bus (heading back to Hammersmith Bdy).
Anna and boyfriend kiss and part; boyfriend leaves through iron gate, as last bus pulls in from R.
The Albert Hall, illuminated.
Yarwood checks machine and clipboard, as last passenger gets off. She looks in (onboard) locker. As bus pulls away, she enters garage, box under her arm.
Bus goes through washer, R to L (ad for Polo on side). View from driver's cab as water gushes down screen.
Other 9 and 33 buses in garage; Yarwood, now in civvies, approaches us as she leaves the garage, turning left and walking away, L to R.

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