Film: 8508

Railways | 1970 | Sound | Colour


India in Asia and Indian Steam trains go up and down railway lines 1970's

Daily through train from Wazirabad arrives behind old British 4-4-0. Station of Sialkot in the Punjab. People mingle around camera. Orange seller. M-class 4-4-0 locomotive. People hang onto outside of carriages. Lots of black smoke. Little engine comes into a stop, man jumps off footplate. Depot of Shantipoor. Engineers working. Man tightens nut. Engine has just taken on water. Station of Shantipoor. Filmed from inside cab. Level crossing. Mule carts filmed from train. Man pulls whistle. Station sign of Dignagar. Cows. Boy hold onto outside of train. Footbridge. Krishnagar. Narrow gauge train runs to Nabadwiska(?). Broad gauge 4-6-0 leaves Krishnagar for Lalgola. Steam train in countryside. East Bengal railway terminates at Geddi a refugee camp for Bengalis. This is important as the refugees were there because of the East Pakistan war of independence in 1971. Calcutta station 0-6-0 trains. Shunting. Station name is Howrah on sign. Crowded commuter trains. Modern W P class Pacific. People on engine. Reversing engines at Calcutta. W G class. Mixed classic 2-8-2 steams along. Whistle. Sleeper train. Steam train pulls carriages of broken down electric train. Goes under bridge. Electric train crosses viaduct. Train pulls empty wagons.

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