Film: 8521

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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World war One on the Somme and at Ancre 1910's

A row of soldiers with guns. Machine guns from trenches. Soldiers walking over bodies. Soldiers marching at night, a ship, a man looks through a telescope at the battle field. Tanks and soldiers trenches, captives.
"British guns move on". Bombardment, wounded, black. Soldiers waiting sitting. "Warwickshire advancing up a captured trench to relieve the queens in the front line." (different style lettering, a continuous piece of film).
THE ATTACK. British advancing, Tommies, rescuing a comrade bringing wounded of both sides. " THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME PART 4". British wounded and German prisoners arrive and are given drink and cigarettes.
" The Battle of the Ancre Part 3" Very faint, Not readable. A tank. " British troops awaiting signal." Attack commences. Scottish troops comprising Argyll and Sutherland. Royal Scot Cameronians and R.O. borders leap forward". Very faint. No Man's Land - German prisoners.
Howitzer shell bombing from the British. Unloading. Greeting "Fritz" From Canada "Close up of bombs". 75mm French guns.
"The Canadians literally busted their way through Eonvalette amid horror and devastation", operating the 15 inch howitzer, manned by the Royal Marine artillery" to cover for the advance.

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