Film: 853

Entertainment + Leisure | 1900 | Silent | B/W


David Devant, the magician or conjuror, pulls a white rabbit out of a hat. Filmed by Robert Paul 1900's

Then another rabbit, then another. He then pulls out an animal , throws it into the air and catches it. He shakes the hat and playing cards fall out. He pulls out a carafe, bottle of wine. He pulls one hat from the first one. He pulls a potted plant from the hat and smells it. Trick photography makes the plant grow bigger and bigger and then turns the flower pot into a bird cage. He shakes the cage up and down so the bird flags his wings. Bird cage disappears. Devant holds his arms wide and smiles.
(very early use of trick photography - objects made to appear and disappear by stopping camera, removing the item and resuming filming).

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