Film: 8534

Social History | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Teenagers talk amongst themselves about their lives and problems. A key topic of discussion is the question of authority - when it is good and when it is bad 1970's

Schoolchildren of age 12 and above ascending the stairs of the school, some in uniform. Opening a coca-cola can - close up. Close up of a boy opening a can of Fanta and taking a drink. Older teenagers, a blonde, a brunette and another boy standing around a stairwell chatting and drinking from soft drink cans; two prefects in uniform walk past them. Same group walking outside through a carpark with the red brick school in the background; a schoolmaster in a robe calls out and points to them.

Angry confrontation between a mother in a dressing gown, holding a cup of tea and her angst-ridden daughter. Close up of Dad giving stern words. Two uniformed policemen barge through a front door of a house and confront some boys in the dark hallway.

The three teenagers walk past a red wire fence with a hockey game going on and sit down on a bench. Close up on a full classroom with one girl being focussed on; she chats to her neighbour and is then told to stand up by the teacher. A girl in jeans stood at the front of a class next to a young male teacher, hands on hips in an aggressive stance. Conversation between then three continues. Walking towards them alongside the fence is Fraser - a hippy with long, curly-hair and a beard. Fraser ambles up to the group, they greet him and admire his beard; the four chat for a while then walk off together, one lad, Tom, trailing behind.

The two boys and the two girls are now walking along the high street. A small dog steps off the kerb. His owner, a young boy, runs into the road after him and the blonde girls goes to stop him, telling him off for being stupid; at that point, an interfering old woman arrives up and has a go at her for speaking angrily to the boy but thankfully, a policewoman is on hand to defend her. The blonde girl's friends snigger in the background.

The group are now in the canteen, they collect their food and go to sit around a talk discussing how much they dislike authority. Cut to a violent demonstration with young people being carted off by police. A woman bends over a pushchair to check on her baby when a young thug steals her bag and runs off, she runs after him leaving the baby alone. A Fiesta Poplar police car speeds of, blue light flashing. Young lad in a newsagent's places a packet of cigarettes inside his magazine when the owner is not looking. Professional football player is given a yellow card during a match. Loud drunkard in a pub gets angry because he has not been served, proceeds to smash a glass and shoves it into a policeman's face.

The group carries on eating and talking as Fraser strokes his beard. Cut to stairs of a housing estate with group of kids hanging around and two policemen telling them to move along. Violent punch up between two groups of teenagers on an underpass of a road. The brunette girl sits in a games room with a number of disabled children in wheelchairs singing a song, while a boy in a wheelchair plays snooker in the background. The four teenagers go into a film projection room to say a few words to the technician there and Fraser goes off to take a closer look at some 35mm film. A scared girl runs along a busy road at night. Station guards inspect a woman's ticket. The group run along the platform towards a stationed train, shout out to their friend Tom as he goes to board a train accompanied by his family. Tom's family wait impatiently as he goes over to talk to his friends.

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