Film: 8536

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Advertisement for British paint company, WPM's new Crown Plus Two Non-drip Gloss, aimed at the 'professional decorator' 1960's

Title against the bright green shirt of a lady painting something offscreen, grandiose music.

A laboratory running computer tapes. An architect at work. High-rise buildings under construction. All these embody the spirit of the age: scientific progress, planning, new technological breakthroughs. A man in a laboratory coat paints the frame of a maroon door white: even a trade like 'ours, where traditions stem from centuries of craftsmanship' must move forward and embrace change.

A man in a laboratory coat sprays red paint over the frame of a chair suspended over a tank of running water. Scenes in the laboratory: machines, test-tubes, microscopes, experiments. A team of dedicated chemists and technicians. At WPM reliability and innovation are not compromised by speed and efficiency.

Close-up of the new Crown Plus Two Non-Drip Gloss paint can - the product of a long process of invention built on centuries of tradition. The new paint has all the advantages of a top-quality fixotropic gloss and a polyurethane finish - without the disadvantages of either: more lab scenes to demonstrate this process of creating and experimenting to lively music.

British coins being released from a height, into a pile: 'time is money' - and this paint saves time, even if it took time to find a way to enable it to do so. More lab scenes.

The outside of a paint/decoration shop with a Crown Paints canopy, on a street corner. The paint decorator running the shop is given a trial can of the new paint by a man in WPM uniform: he is one of about 200 such decorators in the country who were asked to try the paint out. The decorator in overalls painting the outside of a window. The decorators' unanimous approval confirmed that the new paint was ready to be put on the market.

Comparative demonstrations of Crown Plus Two and other conventional paints , addressing issues like relative thickness, to show Crown Plus Two's superiority.

A demonstration on how best to use the gel-based paint, which is different in composition from usual glossy paints, as well as tips on keeping it in good condition, so as to save time and energy.

Replay of the laboratory scenes featuring technicians and chemists and a summary of the advantages of Crown Plus Two. Rows of Crown Plus Two cans in an automated production line being filled with paint. More advantages are mentioned. More scenes of laboratory testing - paints are then also tested by a shade matcher and craftsman, 'whose professional integrity and honesty is without question.' The voiceover emphasizes the combination of old and new methods which produce 'the ultimate in a gloss finish.'

High-rise blocks, fully constructed. Various views looking up at them with upbeat music and commentary mentioning 'Change and progress'.

A decorator finishing his job and emptying the excess paint into the can. The benefits of Crown Plus Two are reiterated. 'Try Crown Plus Two. It could be the best investment you'll ever make.'

Close-up of the Crown Plus Two paint can, music.


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