Film: 8537

Railways | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Slate Railway in North Wales in 1930s. Dinorwic salte quarry near Llanberis in Wales. Narrow gauge railway.
Slate Quarrying in North Wales.

Mountains covered with snow. Near Llanberis vast heaps of broken rock which are gradually filling the lake. Buildings at the Quarries. Men at work pushing heavy trucks laden with slate.
The Dinorvic Slate Quarries. An overhead view of the quarry site. A steam locomotive puls the trucks along part of the 75 miles of double railway track. Another method of transportation for the slate is the diphwys cable with pulleys which hoist trucks and down the face of the quarry. Men working the trucks up and down with the pulley system working. The slate then goes to the workshops where short lifts are used.
Mountain Railway with each section controlled from a hut above.
Steam locomotive route taking empty trucks back to men at the quarry. The trucks are re-loaced and a Reg. No. marked on each load before it is taken away by the train.
Waste is cleared by shovel from the workshops and taken away in horsedrawn trucks.
Steam train with finished cut slate ready for delivery to Port Dinorvic for use on house roofing all over the world.

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