Film: 8540

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Road safety with family car journey. Car accident 1960's

A "D" reg Vauxhall car drives down lane through a puddle and into a driveway. Children get out of the car and run into the garden. Parents look up at the house, they are considering buying it. The mother looks through the window. The children run through the very large garden with their dog. One child does cartwheels. The parents open an upstairs leaded window and speak to two of the children in the garden, a boy of about 14 and a girl of about 12. Their father looks at his watch.

Aerial view of an airport, a BOAC jet taxis along. Controls in the cockpit. The father is in his pilot's uniform, he smiles at his co-pilot as he takes his seat. He fastens his seatbelt. Close-up of the seatbelt clasp with five straps going into it. Alternate shots of the pilot with his headphones on and his hands checking the instruments in cockpit. He prepares for take off and gives the thumbs up out of the window. The plane moves along the runway then takes off.

Father comes home into the kitchen where his wife, housewife, is baking, preparing pastry, and his son Peter is playing with a toy aeroplane. He explains the theory of flight paths. In another room his older son, John, in school uniform, is studying a map for their planned trip. The daughter comes in, her father ruffles her hair. Close up of the map.

A clock reads 7.45am. The mother is packing a picnic basket with her daughter for the car journey. Dad checks the tyres on the car. Peter is making his bed. John carries the basket to the car and puts it in the boot. Dad gets John to sit in the driver's seat and switch the lights on to check them. Close up of brake lights. The indicator lights flash. An alarm clock reads 8am. Peter is putting his shoes on. The rest of the family sit in the car, waiting for Peter. He runs from the house and into the back seat of the car and fastens his seatbelt. They drive off. Close up of wheels. Dad asks the children for an explanation of road signs and markings. The car stops at a T junction. Car drives through suburbs.

Peter knocks at his grandmother's house and she hands over the dog on a lead. He gets back into the car with the dog. A lollipop lady stops their car to allow a group of children to cross. One girl tries to cross too early, an older child pulls her back. Further on, a boy is bouncing a ball on the kerb. The ball goes into the road and the boy goes after it, causing the car to beep its horn and brake suddenly. The daughter in the back seat closes her eyes tightly. Point of view through the back window of the car of the boy still playing with the ball. Further on again a boy and girl come running out of a house and the boy tries to cross the road between parked cars. His sister pulls him back. Father gives a talk on safety and crossing the road. A car overtakes them as they approach a roundabout. Close up of foot pressing the brake pedal. Children look out for bad drivers (who they call "Idiotic Ians"). Father looks for good drivers.

A red Mini car with a very young driver drives dangerously and tries to overtake. View of the Mini in car mirror. Mini careers on narrow road. Family in the car, discussing the Mini. A woman jumps out of her car as she sees the Mini in a ditch and another crashed car in the middle of the road. The family see the crashed car with smoke coming out of it and the woman who was trying to help flags them down. They stop the car. Father and John get out to help. Close up of the other children's faces, looking worried. The dog runs out of the car and the girl runs up the bank after it. Peter finds the emergency triangle. Father and the woman open the door of the Mini. Peter calls his father to the other car, which is on fire. The woman helps a woman out of the Mini. Father sends John for the fire extinguisher. The girl and the dog go back to the car. Close up of the fire extinguisher canister. John bangs the canister on the ground to activate it and sprays it onto the burning car. Peter walks along the road and puts up the emergency triangle. A truck stops. Father pulls a man out of the car. He sends his daughter to the AA telephone box with a key to phone for help. She runs to the telephone box, opens it, dials and asks for an ambulance. Close up of flashing light on top of the ambulance, the siren sounds. The ambulance drives along the road. Accident site: police block off road.

The family car carries on with its journey. A car in front is travelling in the middle of the road. Father beeps then overtakes. Close up of wheel. Another driver in front sticks out his arm to flick ash from his cigarette. Further road safety lecture (misuse of signals). The good driver signals and is careful. Traffic along a country road. Close up of a 40 mile per hour speed limit sign, then 30 miles per hour. Close up of car speedometer. They arrive in the town for the house auction. Stop sign. Bidding in auction rooms. Selling a house. The family buy the house for £7000. Buying a house. The daughter rides a horse wearing a riding cap, John throws a paper aeroplane in the garden while Peter does cartwheels and the parents do the gardening.


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