Film: 8542

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Rome and the Vatican city in Italy 1970's

The Vatican in Rome; pillars surrounding the outside; credit appears. Building in Rome, road leading up to it, car parked to the left; title. A large arch; two huge pillars of it; building and sky seen through it. Scrolling writing about the myth that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus over building. Writing continues over the rippling, reflecting water of a river; pan up to three pillars and an arch overhead. Huge stone building with pillars in front; traffic going past on the main road. Seen through trees, a boat on the river, a dome in the distance. A tall monument; stone building with dome and pillars. Dome at the top of a tall cathedral, a cross at its top. Shot from a high building of city rooftops; pan across.

Road sign "Via Appica Antica." A part of that road; grass and trees either side of it. A straight road; pine trees either side. A round tower of a castle. A long straight road going into the distance, with bits of white wall either side. A horse pulling a cart down a road; the tall, dark city wall to its right. People on bicycles by a street corner. People on bicycles by an old stone wall. Horse pulling cart along main road past an old white wall made of large stones. A man on the cart. White stone walls and building inside them, the basilica of the emperor Constantine; pan right to a row of small pillars, a man on a bicycle riding past them. Pan down from the top of the basilica to a statue on the path leading up to it. A statue on one of the walls of the building. Another.

A shiny marble floor, pillars to either side of the room, painted walls, an arch to the other end of the room; this is the high altar. Outside, a tall white tower; pan down to a long procession of pilgrims, who walk along, cyclists to one side of them. A castle, a road leading up to its entrance with a wall either side. The procession walks through a small arched entrance under a white wall; a car follows behind them. View from one of the people walking under the entrance, and under an arch outside. Two tall old buildings; pan left to the ruins of a bath. A doorway in the ruins. A large open space at the ruins.

The Roman forum; old buildings in Rome, including a semi-circular one, a road leading up to it, seen from above and a distance; pan right to show more of the city. The Collosseum. Another view of it. A photograph of the Collosseum with two people on the ground inside. The Collosseum seen from over a main road. A golden arch, apparently inside a building. The arch of Constantine in the middle of a city. The forum from above. White buildings and pillars either side of a road; a dome in the distance. Pillars; ruins; forest around. Three white pillars in the distance. View through arch; path with grass either side. Ruins; trees. A white stone arch, for Titus, on hillside; a grassy bank. Stone walls. City centre; pillar in middle of road, dome behind forest, people and cars on road. A wide road; a clock tower at its end. The clock tower.

The inside of a building; pillars, gold ceiling. A building in Rome, two domes, a monument at the front, wide road and motorcyclists. An engraving on a wall. A painting of a building. Road by city buildings. Main buildings by road. Arch in elaborately carved and painted room. A slightly raised road bridge; important building behind. A statue of a man on horseback on a plinth; the monument to Garibaldi. Carvings on the base of the statue. Carving of a dog close up. The city from above. Building with dome to left; city houses and buildings to right. Overhead; pillars, roofs. A grey stone monument; building behind.

Circular building with stone pillars; grass and paths. Stone building with pillars in the middle of the town. Similar building; three children on bicycles ride past. Wide road; building either side; arch at end of road. The arch, closer up; two people standing by it. The two people; the circular building seen through the arch. In town; tall grey buildings; old building with pillars to the near side. A temple, an old building with pillars; a monument in the large area in front of it. Ornate palace; marble floor, pillars, wooden dome ceiling. Stone building with pillars.

Someone walks along by a circular tomb built by Augustus. Reflection of the castle of St Angelo in a pool of water. A bridge; statues either side of it; the castle in the background; people walking along the path on the left of the road. Two statues on pedestals. Stone bridge with arches over a river; round building to right. Round building; stone bridge to left; wall. Ornate building to the left side of the bridge. Building with pillars, for Victor Emmanuel II, in the distance. A man walking up large stone steps outside a building. Statue of man on horse, on white pedestal, and building behind. Buildings in the city; white buildings in foreground, darker ones behind. Two soldiers standing either side of a the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a wreath either side and one in the middle.

The city; a large building in the background; people walking around. A white flight of steps leading up to a building; trees either side; pan up. The statue of Marcus Aurelius on a pedestal in a square. Steps; statues below. Statue of man on horseback on plinth. Narrow street; car going past. From a long way away; huge open area, building with pillars, small crowd. Town; people sitting on benches; buildings to the left. Statues surrounding a fountain. The fountain; children standing around it. Statue in town, the Triton fountain; a row of black cars. A fountain at a roundabout, a car going around it. The Trevi fountain, in front of a building with pillars. The top of a building, an inscription on it; pan down to the arches at its entrance.

A fountain in the middle of a large open area; pillars around the area. View from behind the fountain. A fountain on the street; a bicycle or bike goes past. Closer shot of the fountain. A large building in the background; fountain in the open space. Statues; large background. A roundabout, a few cars going around, fountain in the middle; pan up to the city. A ruined wall, of the aqueduct, on a large area of grass. A part of the wall. Wall on grass. Water from a fountain falling onto a pool underneath with sunlight reflecting off it. Building, statues in front; pan right to people walking in building. Entrance to a building. The city market: crowd of people, a man carrying bags; behind, tables, sunshades over them; a van drives past.

A man at a fruit stall; pan right to many people at the marketplace. A woman lying clothes at a market stall. A woman walks down a street; buildings and monument behind. People by a fence on pavement; one holds a net that spins around. Seen from above, a small row boat on the river Tiber; pull up to a stone bridge. From above; the boat drops the net into the water. Blue river under an old Roman bridge; trees to right, tops of buildings from the city visible over them, including the Jewish synagogue. Sign on door: "Church of Santa Susanna - For Catholic Americans". Church seen from further out; pan down to people walking around. A policeman giving traffic directions; bicycles and a bus go around him. The policeman again.

A horse pulling a cart along a road, past other carts. Wide road; pillars at end, and behind them the Borghese gardens. Fountain amongst trees in the gardens. Horse pulls cart along road. Cart; man walking along with balloons. Reflection of the front of a stone building, and light, in water; trees surround. A crowd on a street gathered around a puppet show. The show. Children gathered and gathering. The show continues. The gathered crowd. People watching. A street vendor talking to a woman who sits on a coach. Two men standing outside that coach. An open case. Same. A man picks something up off of it. Two men. Jewels. Two people; a woman picks something up.

Horse pulls cart along. The stadium for horse races: an oval area of grass; a fountain in the middle; a path around it; pan right to the city. An overhead view of city buildings. A white bridge; city either side. A domed building. A war memorial, a white wall with arches; trees behind, field in front. Wall with arches as a monument. An arch under a building; either side, columns with statues on them. The church of the Trinity, next to a river. "Ressurecturis" over an arch that a man walks through to the English Protestant cemetery. Two grave stones. The grave of Joseph Severn. The grave of a young poet. A grave stone on the ground. The grave of Percy Bysshe Shelley. White stone steps. The white steps and pillars surrounded by trees. The same, from further back.

Two grey statues; trees behind. Statues. A church or a cathedral. The basilica of St Francis of Assisi. In the town centre; arches, main roads going through them. A closer shot of the arches; they are Porta Maggiore, or the great gates, the greatest city gates of Rome. White buildings and a white column; trees and grass around them, and a main road to the right. A man riding a donkey in town; building in background. The man on the donkey talking, in front of stone steps. Lake or sea; a hill the other side. An open space, surrounded by buildings; people standing around. An arch as an entrance to a building.

Trees on hillside; the city behind. City seen through trees. Rome from hillside. A stone bridge over the river; the city behind. Open space and wide road; building with dome and pillars. The door of a church with a cross on it; the tomb of St Peter. The ornate inside of the church, with gold walls and paintings and a dome and a marble floor; zoom in. Another view of the inside of the church. The bronze statue of St Peter on a marble throne. A sculpture of two people. A stone memorial inside the church. A cart being pulled along as two people salute. Palatine guards marching through a street. People walking down pavement with large statues to the side. The Vatican, as seen from above; pan up to the city. A fountain in the park; trees above. A cross seen against the sun. Buildings seen through an arch; "The End".

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