Film: 8545

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The USA - an overview 1950's

Airplane (BOAC) at airport, passengers getting off close up of narrator. Expatriate Britons and Americans speak about the U.S.A. Aeroplane in flight, train, car driving along highway. View of New York skyscrapers. Deserts, mountains. Fertile, countryside. Canyons. Niagara Falls. Mid-America. Rockies. Winter scenes, children playing in fire hydrant to escape heat. Tornado (two good shots of twister totalling 18 seconds in duration). Horses grazing. Floods. Cowboy. Grape-pickers. Harvesters. Cotton-pickers. Orchards. Tree cutting / felling. Fish caught in net. Oil, coal, smokestacks. Immigrants. Americans at work. Dams, buildings, bridges, prairies, helicopter spraying, tractor. Motorways, supermarket, street scenes.

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