Film: 8546

History | 1970 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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A narrative on the history of democracy and national self-determination 1970's

Early 1900’s, ‘City of Hull Tramways’ tram car passes along a street with pedestrians in the background, a horse drawn carriage passes across the tramlines. A London bus with the destination ‘Liverpool Street’ painted on the rear passes through London and displays adverts for Colman’s Mustard and Selfridges department store.

Still image of zeppelin fades into film of a silhouette of an airship in flight. Early aircraft take off from an airfield, several aeroplanes in shot.

Montage of still images including Louis Pasteur, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin illustrate the narration about the history of medicine.

Colour footage of Big Ben in London against a blue sky. Wide shot of the Houses of Parliament across the River Thames.

Bare-backed African men carrying timber rail sleepers and laying them along a path in the construction of a railway line. A group of men standing on top of an open train carriage unload the timber on to the ground below. Another wide shot of dozens of black men carrying timber to the path, while voice over narration describes the intention to build a train from “Cape to Cairo” as “European values superimposed on primitive civilisation”. Several men wearing shirts trousers and wide brimmed hats stand atop an open train carriage while topless black workers walk alongside the train.

Still print depicting a white man looking down at a black baby in a wicker basket inscribed with the word ‘Uganda’. Montage of still cartoons from the British magazine ‘Punch’.

08:32:00 Hundreds of people are gathered to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee of 1897 watch a procession of what appears to be the Household Cavalry pass by. Two horse drawn carriages pass the crowd of onlookers.

In colour film, an industrial landscape with chimneys bellowing smoke into the sky.

10:33:00 Two murals belonging to trade unions, the first belongs to The Dock, Wharf, Riverside & General Labourers Union, the second is a mural of The Amalgamated Society of Engineermen, Cranemen, Boilermen and Firemen.

Still print of Paris. Colour footage of Eiffel Tower in the distance and a monument in the foreground. French city street, probably Paris, in the 1970s. Traffic passing through a leafy street. Outside a Parisian café, people are walking down the street on a sunny day, some people are wearing clothes typical of the 1970’s such as flared trousers. Shot of an outdoor book vendor. Two women are at café sitting outside eating ice creams from ice cream sundae glasses, one of the women is counting money.

Montage of stills of Impressionist paintings including scenes from train stations, people in cafes and bars. A graphic image of a map of Europe. Medieval German towns including Nuremberg. Stills of Beethoven, Wagner, and Nietzsche.

Graphic image of map of western Europe, with the title 1914, portion of map representing Germany is replaced with swastika and the title Anschluss 1938 appears.
Military procession in Nazi Germany with men wearing military regalia including Pickelhaube helmets with plumes. German military decorated with medals, possibly high ranking soldiers, walk out of a building.

Turkish Bathhouse in Budapest.

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