Film: 8554

London | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Changing of the guard and Trooping of the colour ceremony at Buckingham Palace in the 1970's

View of front of Buckingham Palace from terraced area under shade due to trees which can be seen partially along top and right of screen. White memorial with gold winged horse in front of palace, on left. (Queen Victoria memorial) Cars go around monument. Camera closes in on palace - part of palace front comes into view. Camera moves towards sentry in box and grenadier guard beside archway. Shot of guardsman in box as title comes up on left, followed by producer and maker credit. Shot looking up at clock face of Parliament clock tower (Big Ben) as it chimes, with face reading 10.45 am.

Road level, view of group of horsemen in regimental dress riding towards camera along wide road. Camera moves back as they ride past and from view. Camera moves right continously, to show horsemen moving along. Onlookers visible behind. Close-up of horeseman carrying object (possibly trumpet) adorned in British standard or royal emblem. Camera follows him, moving right. Shot from middle of road, as horsemen march in easterly direction. Behind is long white building (probably Clarence house). Camera pans right to follow them proceeding down road with another road ,the Mall stretching back from camera.

Shot of large road with impressive administrative buildings in background (possibly Whitehall). People are crowding, front-on to camera, around black horse on far right. Two onlookers in cowboy hats could be American tourists. Crowd of children around man in regimental dress standing still. He holds sword, which child, visible at extreme bottom- left of screen, touches. Camera moves up to show guard's headdress, same as horsemen. Other people around in background. Boy, in cadet's baret reaches up to touch nose of black horse coming down from top of screen. Boy stares up and grins while little girl behind stares at camera and smiles. In background are large buildings and statue of man on horse. Camera moves back to show crowds gathered around.

Returns to previous shot position with new crowd. Camera moves in towards tourists in cowboy hats. One takes photograph. Shot of terraced stone building with three arches prominent. Horsemen emerge from central arch led by rider bearing flag. Others line up, either side of him, roughly side-on to camera. Crowd of onlookers in background. Shot of horsemen parading down road in straight lines, away from camera, towards impressive stone building facade on Horseguards Parade. Cars and onlookers on either side of road. Returns to previous shot with all horses in line. Camera directly behind horses, in close-up, marching towards triple-arched entrance. Crowds either side of road, boy walks across screen in foreground.

View of grand archway, with dark figures of horsemen coming through it. They come in to open space, proceeding towards camera. Leader blows trumpet and fanfare is heard on soundtrack. Crowds on either side of arch. Policeman passes directly in front of screen as horsemen reach and pass along line of stationary horses and guards. Crowd looking to right of screen. Behind, in arch, is guardsman on black horse. Return to previous shot position as guardsmen swing left and out of view. Guardsman on horse, raises sword, holds it to face in salute and drops it. Camera moving right along line of stationary parading guardsmen. Guard with sword looks right along front of arch to meet second horseguard looking opposite direction. They gesture with swords. Guard on foot followed by two on horseback move out of central arch and halt to right of other parading guards. Crowds again in background. Guard on foot does drill movement turning to face two on horseback. Crowds around black iron gate with administrative buildings behind. Guard on foot walks around guards on horses and inspects.

Shot of coach, with 'Margots of Streatham'pub on front, passing screen. Chinese tourists apparent inside, taking photos. Camera moves left to show coach moving down street away from camera. Guard on horse marches through crowd. Camera moves right to follow. Crowd of onlookers in front of massive stone-pillared building. Policeman looks down front of crowd, camera moves right to take in main road and road leading off from it. Horseguard swings into second road joined by second guard. Both pass camera and depart shot followed by guards on foot.

Fades into shot of front of Buckingham palace showing archway with sentry in box beside. From left march group of grenadier guards. Camera pans right as they pass sentry, then swing towards camera, still marching. Shot of onlookers, around and on, statue of figure of, possibly, a lion. Person in hat walks among crowd towards Palace gates, camera following , moving left. People on, possibly, steps, collectively stare towards left of screen.

Prominent are two Chinese or Japanese visitors in conversation. More crowds, facing camera, as lower half of regiment bandsmen pass across screen with man at rear with bass drum. Close-up of tourist operating film camera. More crowds facing towards camera as bandsmen pass in entrance close-up. Close-up of Chinese tourist with camera. Marching grenadiers pass in semi-distance along wide road lined with taxies. Thick trees in background. Camera moves right to show them marching to palace gates. Close-up of girl's smiling face, pulled back to show boy staring beside her. View of Palace gates as guards proceed along it, backs to camera. Bandsmen pass left and right along big, white building with pillared facade. Along front of building in background are lines of guards. Close- up of girl staring. Wobbly view of bandsmen marching towards camera. Chinese girl with film camera. Bandsmen, with trumpeters pass along crowds, camera panning right to follow, taking in Palace gates in background. Camera continually moves right to show them passing front of Palace. Heads of bandsmen marching from position amongst crowds, looking towards gates. Guards with rifles march in lines behind flag or standard bearer. Camera moves right to follow them passing along front of palace.

View looking up at top of memorial with people seated on black figures. View from inside palace gates as bandsmen march into shot from right of screen. On far right are group of soldiers (probably Scottish Guards) in tartan tunics. Crowd in background behind gold-topped railings. Close-up shots of watching crowds. Shot, inside palace gates, looking towards eastern end of Palace as guards perform slow, regimental march. Leading ranks is guard bearing standard and two guards bearing (vertically) sword. Camera moves left to follow them and halts when head guard orders company to halt. Camera becomes level with front line of guards. Shot of side-on head guards with palace wall in background. Two drummers of first line of guards, visible on far left and, further back, line of guards bearing rifles. Two lines of guards performing drill, stated by soundtrack as 'presenting arms'. Close-up of four guards marching followed by left- panning camera. Guard on far right carries standard with one hand. Three guards ahead of him, followed by camera. Guard with rifle comes into shot from opposite direction. He faces them as other guards march in background.

Soundtrack states it is custom of exchanging palace keys. Shot of road full of coaches and cars as horse guards come towards camera from distance. Shot of milling crowd with dense trees behind. Guards on horseback come towards camera with cars passing in foreground. Long line of horse riding troops, preceeded by guard in red tunic and headdress, moves towards and past camera. A busy, tree-lined road (possibly the Mall) stretches behind into distance. Camera pulls back to show full image of horses and riders. Shot, adjacent to western extremity of Palace looking down Palace facade as line of guards in bearskins and red tunics are visible in distance. Western half of Palace visible in background and in front, along wide expanse of road, marches rider in black (possibly mounted police officer) followed by horse guards. Crowds line palace gates in mid- distance. Grenadier guards march in front of Palace gates, then bandsmen side-on, pass directly in front of camera, with palace in background.

Camera follows two guards, each bearing standards in one hand. They pass sentry standing outside his box. Shot of guard holding music sheet in direction of guard conducting, with other bandsmen playing in background. Lines of guards with bandsmen standing behind emblazoned drums, near to camera. They wear usual bearskins, but have ornately decorated tunics. Close-up of two tuba- playing guards. Two guards bearing standards pass along side of palace. Two sentry boxes visible as camera follows them, panning left. Shot looking over shoulder of guard playing clarinet. Two guards with rifles march to guards beside sentry boxes, perform drill and face guard standing in front of troops. Returns to shot of guard holding music sheet with music slower and more stirring. Guard enters sentry box on left, as two bearing standards walk across screen.

Close-up or side-on shot of guard holding text on a board headed 'Queen's Guard'. He speaks from text. Speaker faces pair of guards beside left- hand sentry box and reads from text. Close-up of clarinets played with guards playing trombone in background. Soundtrack plays 'guards interpretation of Greensleeves'. Shot of bandsmen and guards with rifles, in line. View, from distance, of three guards marching from two standing outside sentry boxes. Three guards stand on far right of picture. Lower half of palace facade very prominent. Close-up of onlookers intently watching. Camera pans right to follow five guards marching towards sentries followed by standard bearers. Close-up of line of guards side-on to camera with rifles and holding rifles with bayonets fixed. Extreme close-up of guard's face with bearskin strap of gold chain prominent. Shot from behind bandsmen playing in semi- circle formation as other guard march and line up in background. Again, palace facade and royal balcony prominent in shot. Line of drummers adjust 'grenadier' emblazoned drums and face richly decorated guard holding rod or staff. He stands exactly side-on to camera. Shot of people on monument looking collectively to west. Return to drummers now playing roll on drums as lines of guards stand behind. Crowds staring past camera at scene. Close-up of woman taking photograph. Returns again to lines of guards. Viewed from towards end of line of drummers showing, in greater detail, far sided guards with rifles all in perfect line. In front of line stands guard with upright sword and, alongside, guard with standard.

Camera pulls back as band begin march, led by bandmaster holding rod diagonally in left hand. Camera pulls futher back as band continue to march towards it. Close-up of bandsmen marching across screen left to right. Return to band facing camera, pulling further away to take in open gates and Palace balcony in background. Crowds stand beside gates, shot now including ornately carved gateposts of Palace on either side of screen. Guards with rifles pass across screen including standard bearer. View from outside gates as bandsmen file out and march along line of onlookers. Policeman walks across screen simultaneuosly. Old man taking photograph. Shot looking up at bandsmen, again from outside gates, showing west end of palace in background. Close-up of bandsmen passing, in lines, across screen with crowd behind. Shot, again, of old man taking photograph.

Returns to view outside gates as other guards march away- camera pans left to follow them. Lines of drummers and other rifle-bearing guards again, inside Palace gates. Guards, side-on, march across screen with Palace gates behind. Ordinary policeman casually follows behind procession and mounted policeman on left of picture prepares to do same. Wide view of area in front of gates looking down on crowds as guards march past in mid distance. View of staring crowd around statue. Returns to previous shot postion with crowds dispersing. Chinese tourist looks past camera and walks from shot to reveal two Chinese girls laughing and talking. Shot of guards inside palace gates marching right to left across screen while other guards stand still in background. Shot of another photographer. Line of guards turn in drill activity as sergeant walks around company. They march in front of Palace wall.

Close-up of small group of onlookers, then close-up of boy in Japanese decorated hat staring towards Palace gates. Drummers stand facing camera, with sticks raised, then march on spot while playing. Close-up of boy on father's shoulders. Drummers, with leader in front, march towards camera. Return to boy staring and smiling. Drummer pass across screen playing trill. Guards march towards and past camera with west half of palace visible in background. View, from middle of road, as bandsmen march towards and past camera. Extreme east end of palace visible far left of screen. Woman takes photograph.

Close-up of bandsmen passing across screen. Close-up of bandsmen leader signalling and walking along building. View of leader and company marching into square surrounded by modest, old buildings. Company reach point, then turn and walk back in drill exercise. Guards line up behind standard bearer in front of building in square, stated by commentary as ambassador's court. Shot from end of ranks as two guardsmen march to front. Close-up of guards in lines behind standard. Standard bearer and two guards to left and right, turn to face left of screen, stamp foot and march left and from shot. Shot maintained as remaining guards, still in lines, do drill exercise with rifles. Close-up of three guards as they complete exercise. Three lines of guards face camera at head of company. Perform second rifle drill as guard side-on on far left. Salutes. Shot from just behind line of drummers in same square. Two drummers visible. To their left, guard who places sword in buckle. Facing camera, walking along front of line, is guard in gold decorated tunic. He marches to guard on left, shows gold rod and both salute. A guard adjusting sword walks towards and past camera with rest of company in right background. Company march away, followed by camera moving left.

Shot of part of Buckingham Palace facade with two sentries either side of arch in distance. Shot of sentry in sentry box looking to camera as credits run.

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