Film: 8555

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Driving through mountains then an English village with a Postman on his round 1950's

He has won a holiday to Switzerland. Passengers boarding aeroplane. Inside plane. Air hostess fastens postman's seat belt. Plane taking off. Flight images, champagne lunch, view of Alps. Passengers disembarking at Zurich airport. Postman takes another flight to Berne, and is welcomed by a Swiss group, his guides. Aerial view of Berne River, buildings. Rose garden, cathedral, wedding, bears in zoo, swimmers in river. Postal museum, rare stamps and artefacts. Coach and horses. Litter. Postman takes bus to Lucerne. Bus driving through Alps. Skiers. Lake Lucerne. Views of Lucerne. English and Swiss postmen meet. Tour of Lucerne. Chapel and mill bridges. Cable car on mountain. Mountain in mist. Boats on lake Lucerne. Water skier. Postman in jewellers' shop. 'Beach lift'. Postman meets girl. Model railway. Golf. Fireworks. Traditional dancing and flag throwing. More views of valleys and mountains.

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