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Football training and a discussion around attacking opponents with And without the Ball 1970's

First title card 'Attacking the opposition', then 'First by passing the ball'. Clip of 1966 World Cup Final at Wembley between England and West Germany. Bobby Moore, the England captain, plays the ball forward to Geoff Hurst, who runs onto score with a left- foot shot past a bewildered Hans Tilkowski in the German goal. Next clip from a 1966 World Cup Group game between Bulgaria and Hungary. The Bulgarian goalkeeper throws the ball out to a colleague, who heads it to a team mate. He in turn sidefoots it back to the same player who accurately passes over the Hungarian defence to a forward, Asprahoukov. He rounds the Hungarian keeper and shoots home to score for Bulgaria. Another group game from the 1966 World Cup shows the Argentinian keeper throwing the ball to a team mate. He chests it down and volleys forward to a colleague. After advancing down the left wing he cuts back inside and lays the ball off to an advancing team mate. He shoots at goal, but the ball is caught by the Spanish goalkeeper. Back to a clip from the Final, where Germany play a long pass forward that is intercepted by England's Ray Wilson, who heads to Moore. Moore plays a one-two with his West-Ham team mate, Martin Peters, before finding Hurst out on the left wing. Hurst lays the ball back to Peters, who passes to Bobby Charlton. A pass into the German box results in a timely tackle by a German defender on the advancing Peters. Cut to Alan Ball in possession, making a reverse pass to George Cohen, whose right- wing cross is cut out by a German defender. Next is a group game between the holders, Brazil, and Hungary. The Brazilian defence clear the ball upfield where the Hungarian defence take possession. The ball is played to the left-wing, where a Hungarian forward crosses into the Brazilian penalty area. A defender clears the ball and a pass sets up an attacking move for Brazil. Cut to a Hungarian attack where the ball is played into the edge of the Brazil box. A Hungarian forward crosses the ball, but it is deflected into the path of a colleague, whose shot goes wide. Action next from Hungary and Portugal. Hungarians play the ball forward and a series of passes ends with a forward shooting over the Portuguese goal. Onto Brazil and Bulgaria, where a series of passes culminates in a forward chip by Pele that is fielded by the Bulgarian keeper. Brazil and Portugal follow and another Brazil chip is spectacularly caught by the Portuguese keeper, Costa Pereira. Back to Brazil and Bulgaria and another forward chip by Pele results in a shot- on goal that is saved by the Bulgarina keeper.
Next title 'Second by dribbling the ball' and action from Hungary and Brazil. The Magyars chip the ball forward, but the Hungarian forward fails to beat the Brazilian defender, who blocks his path. Attempting a pass inside, the same player sees the ball cut out by a Brazilian . More action from the same match and a Brazilian attack breaks down in midfield and Hungary's Florian Albert races towards the Brazilian goal with the ball. Just inside the box he passes the ball to a team mate who shoots home for a goal. Bulgaria and Portugal follow, and from a throw-in Bulgaria lose the ball to the Portuguese defenders. Simoes of Portugal advances on the Bulgarian goal before passing to Eusebio, who rifles home a right-foot shot to score. Switch to the Hungary vs Portugal match, where a Hungarian player races past two Portuguese defenders down the left wing . His cross into the penalty area is cleared by the Portugal defence. On to Bulgaria and Brazil, where we see the Europeans mount an attack on their South American counterparts. Brazil intercept and Pele bears down the left wing with the ball. He beats two defenders before his cross is held by the Bulgarian keeper. Switch to another group match from the 1966 World Cup between England and Mexico. Jimmy Greaves beats two defenders before his cross is held by the Mexican keeper. Back to Brazil and Bulgaria, where Brazil's Garrincha is shown beating two defenders, entering the box, beating another Bulgarian, before crossing to a team mate whose weak header is cleared. Onto Brazil and Hungary, where the Magyars break up a Braziian attack and launch one of their own. The ball is passed to Ferenc Bene, who beats two men before slotting the ball past Gilmar for a Hungarian goal. Moving onto another group game between Germany and Switzerkand, we see the German keeper Tilkowski throw the ball out to a colleague. The ball is passed to Franz Beckenbauer in the centre circle and he beats a Swiss defender before bearing down on goal. As the goalkeeper comes out, Beckenbauer side-foots past him for a German goal.
Title 'Third attack your opponents by shooting'. From the England vs Mexico game, Roger Hunt passes to Bobby Charlton in the centre circle. Charlton advances on the goal and shoots past the Mexican keeper from 25 yards. Next is Brazil and Hungary and a long shot from a Brazilian is tipped over the bar by the Hungarian keeper. Onto the Final and Hunt, receiving the ball from Moore, cuts in on the German goal and shoots wide. Followed by England and Mexico, where Moore passes to Peters, who feeds Charlton. Charlton cuts in from the left wing and his right-footed shot from outside the area is blocked by a Mexican defender. Portugal and Brazil next and from a Portuguese goal kick, Brazil take possession. Their attack on the Poertuguese goal results in a low shot from the edge of the area that finds the bottom corner of the net for a Brazilian goal. Moving on to Brazil's game with Hungary, the Magyars attack the South Americans' goal and a shot just whistles past the post. Onto Portugal and Bulgaria, where we see a swerving shot from Eusebio well held by the Bulgarian keeper. Next is action from the quarter- final between Uruguay and Germany. An Uruguayan player is allowed to advance on the German goal unhindered before unleashing a shot that Tilkowski fumbles away for a save. Title 'Attack the opposition without the ball'. A diagram of a football pitch is shown with arrows and crosses depicting defenders. Attackers are then shown in white arrows and circles in the direction in which to attack. Another pitch diagram shows defenders by black crosses and numbers, with attackers denoted by white circles and numbers. Black and white arrows then appear in the recommended direction for advance. Clip from Final with Alan Ball passing to Nobby Stiles, who passes to Roger Hunt. Ball receives the ball from Hunt and releases Stiles to cross into the German area. The ball strikes a defender and goes out for a throw-in. From a German attack we next see England gain possession of the ball. Hunt advances and passes to Hurst, who moves the ball to Moore who feeds Ball on the left wing. His final ball to Hurst into the box is foiled by a stromg German tackle. Moving on to England and Mexico, an attack on the Central Americans' goal ends with a shot by Peters curling wide of the goal. Back to the final and Moore brings the ball forward before passing to Hunt. He knocks the ball back to Peters who passes to Stiles. His cross cum shot is blocked by a German defender. Moving on to the quarter final between Portugal and North Corea, a Portuguese attack results in an unsuccessful shot on the Corean goal. Next is action from the Argentina and Spain group match. A series of short passes from the South Americans results in the Spanish keeper moving smartly to retrieve the ball in front of an oncoming forward. Back to the Final, where a shot from Seelers is charged down by Wilson to Charlton. The balding midfielder releases Hunt whose pass into the box is intercepted by the German keeper folllowing poor control by Hurst. On to Switzerland and West Germany. The Swiss lose the ball and Helmut Haller runs from his own half into the Swiss area to score a goal for Germany. Further action from the same match and from a Swiss attack. Tilkowski makes a save at the feet of an oncoming Swiss forward.
Title 'Attack opponents without the ball'. Action from the Hungary and Bulgaria group match. A Hungarian forward is released down the left wing where his cross flies past the oncoming forwards and defenders. Next Brazil and Hungary, and from a centre a Brazilian player heads over the Hungarian's goal. Onto Hungary and Bulgaria and Albert is put through on the left wing. From his pass a fellow forward is unable to control the ball and it runs out for a goal-kick. Back to Brazil and Hungary, and from a right-wing cross the ball is volleyed into the Brazilian goal by a Hungarian forward. Next is more action from the Final as Ball is shown passing to Hurst. He passes to Peters, whose shot sails over the German crossbar. Next is action from the West Germany vs Uruguay quarter-final. Schnellinger breaks up an Uruguayen attack and passes to Beckenbauer. He runs at the defence and plays a one-two with Seeler. On receiving the return pass, he beats the goalkeeper and scores. Followed by their game against Switzerland, the Germans are shown mounting an attack. A long ball to Haller, who passes to Beckenbauer. Another one-two with Seeler and Beckenbauer squeezes past a defender to beat the goalkeeper for another goal. Brazil and Portugal follow and a Brazilian attack is thwarted by the Portuguese defence. England and Mexico follows. Peters passes to Stiles, who passes to Charlton. He releases Cohen whose left- footed cross sails past the goal for a goal kick. Onto Germany and Uruguay, where Beckenbauer is shown playing a one-two with Held. They repeat the process and Beckenbauer manages to get in a shot on goal that is saved by the keeper. 'Summary', then advert for Hughes's book that accompanies the film.

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