Film: 8558

Feature Comedy | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Comedy around dogs 1950's

Street scene. Front of house. Interior 'typical' American family, father plays golf in living room, mother is always cooking, daughter is a drama queen and son pinches chocolates from cupboard. Exterior school, son and friends with dog. Each gets to take dog home for a night. Mother (Kitchen) displeased at daughter's drama involvement. Daughter roams house shouting lines from play. Son returns with dog. Wisecracks with mother in kitchen. Daughter queries lines with boyfriend on phone as father arrives home, bringing hamburger meat as a present for his wife. Dispute over dog's dinner. Family at dinner table, dog on chair, daughter continues speech. Everyone watches as mother puts a plate of her 'famous stew' in front of the dog, who refuses to eat it, mother gets upset. Father tries to feed dog without success. Further drama over stew, nothing can make the dog eat it. Then no one else will eat it either. Later boy sneaks downstairs to feed dog hamburger. Girl comes down and does the same, as does mother and father. Game of hide and seek as each tries to avoid being seen. Finally they discover dog has eaten stew as well and all are happy.

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