Film: 8570

Art + Architecture | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Motion and how it aplies to art 1960's

Woman's face. Close-up of star formations. Narrator explains movement in space. Shot of earth turning. Mountains, white clouds moving across them. Rain falling on soil. Close-up of ring-shaped raindrops. Motion, design. Water gushing (close-up). Still close-up: dynamic 'line pattern' of water.
Close-up of snow melting. Ice skating. Ice rink with patterns cut by skates. Skater performing figure 8's. Herons flying. Nature as art. Creation of art. Man dancing. Movement organised in time and space. Close-up of hands and feet. Stills of dance. Speed photograph: movements layered. Speed photo of Bala painting. Kandinsky painting. Fireworks. Abrupt and explosive at first, then disintegrates. Tracers. Painting and scratching on film. Stills of film and patterns. Ferns wheel. Enjoyment of watching and feeling motion. Mobiles. (Calder). Direction of movement . Usher mobile. Reproduction of film 'colour fragments' (Decker). Close-up of Van Gogh painting - feeling of movement. Tide break and reformation of sea-patterns. Kelp. Man-made kinetic art forms have basis in nature. Mobiles and natural art patterns set against each other.

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