Film: 8571

Art + Architecture | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Close up of a book. A man is cutting some letters in a piece of wood. Close up of a page of a book. Close up of just letter E in that page. A man is cutting separate letters in pieces of wood. Then a man is making some letters in metal. Close up of letter F in a piece of paper. The man is finishing letter F. A diagram shows what he was doing. Close up of lots of F's. Then close up of the alphabet. Men are making books with the new technique, they can make more books. Map of Europe. A man is writing a book by hand. Close up of letters. Map of Europe again. Close up of different types of hand writing. A diagram shows the difference between the old method and the new one. Map of Europe. Close up of the book "History in the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England". Men are working. Close up of more books. Men are making paper.

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