Film: 8572

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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"Nearly everything we read is the result of a simple invention which was made in China and Japan over 1000 years ago. This film is the story of letterpress printing; the story of how that invention was brought to Europe and how it gradually developed into the important industry we know today".

A man is cutting a potato in half and then he makes some cuts in it. He puts some paint in there and prints it on a piece of paper. He then does more prints of the same thing. A diagram shows how it happens. Then he uses a seal. He does the same thing that he did with the potato. A Chinese man printing some pictures. Images of a man reading a book. A German man is giving money to another man. He has 200 copies of the same book. People working - they are making books. A map of Europe appears. Close up of a book.

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