Film: 8575

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Mother and son have breakfast. Son goes for interview at factory. Typist at work, she ignores his presence. Son waits in room for interview, completing an application form. He returns to the typist as his ink pot is empty. She reluctantly gives him a refill. He sits and waits and waits in the waiting room. He smokes a cigarette and puts the ash in his trouser turn-ups. His subsequent interview is hurried and abrupt, not a welcoming atmosphere. He is passed to other people. On arriving for his first day he is shown around a television making factory. He subsequently does odd jobs. The correct way to introduce a new employee to the company is then outlined: the waiting room is made more welcoming, a personnel officer is the interviewee's single point of contact and he is shown how to do the job. Job Training.

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