Film: 8576

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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maps, seaside town and fishing port. Lowland reclaimed land and dykes, Friesian cows, farming and rural life, windmills, market gardening and bringing in the harvest, barges on the canals, wheat production, ploughing with horses and tractors, idyllic ancient farmhouses with cobbled courtyards, greenhouses, market day, ancient manor houses, beautiful rolling countryside, old dog cart for delivery of the milk, logging and timber mill, reservoir, pretty town squares, probably Bruges and other towns of Flanders, Old woman make lace by hand.

The linen harvest, processing flax into linen. Linen and cotton mills, large mechanised looms for wool. Canals and barges passing factories, wool weaving, textile industries, glass production, Antwerp docks.

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