Film: 8578

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Comedy about an artist who has lost his muse with amusing but sexist jokes, songs and dance numbers as well

Young women gathered in swimsuits, posing for sketch. 'Artist' draws cartoon bull instead of women. Keeps getting things wrong, asks servant to enrol him in Koo-Koo correspondence cartoon drawing course. Artist observes himself in mirror. Servant at post office with postmaster. Artist arrives in school suit and porkpie hat. Asks for his post. Huge pile falls to floor. Artist's suit pocket 'too tight' to pay. He orders servant to find his first correspondence lesson. Artist asks to look at mailboxes and is shown by girl with short skirt and pipe. Singing girl, mailbox. Artist begins first cartoon drawing lesson in post office. women come over to watch.

Lesson 2, woman inside mailbox, to be drawn. Artist throws a party at his studio, with models, for final lesson . He enters with graduate's cap on. Girls gather round. Procession of young men and women all wearing caps followed by servant last lesson, artist has to draw a cartoon using dots. Singing girl on stage as artist attempts sketch. Tap dancing, cross cut with sketching. Sketch is completed. Diploma awarded. Artist off to play football, but model demands he draw her with a bull to prove his skill. Artist in football gear waits by postbox to be called in for game (Koo Koo Football Squad.)

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