Film: 8579

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Dramatized 'documentary' about homes for homeless boys in post World War Two Germany. Everybody is happy and smiles all the time and all the boys get what they want, job, friends and chocolate pudding as a dessert.

Title; ' All over the German Republic and in Berlin during the last years homes for the youth and for apprentices have been built. In summer 1950 19000 boys and girls live in 420 of them, and 330 more homes for about 16000 boys and girls are in preparation. They are administrated by the 'Jugendaufbauwerk' ('Works for building up the youth'). Orphans, homeless juveniles or those in danger - often victims of World War Two - live here. It is their home, and a guarantee for a training. The homes are largely run by the juveniles themselves.' A small avenue, a boy walking (probably homeless). He stops in front of a sign: 'Jugendstadt Buchhof' ('City of the Youth, Buchhof'). He enters. A villa. Boys clean the balcony. One of them accidentally pours a bucket of water over the boy. They laugh. The boy in the villa. Two others come. ' A new one! , Where do I have to report? '. The office of the administrator. The boy sits down. Gives his papers to the administrator. 'No relatives?' - 'No'. He is an orphan. Food and clothes are promised to him. In the dining room. He is introduced to the other boys. They look at each other. He starts eating. The others understand him all. First he has to work in the garden. In the garden. He works with a hoe. Then he helps pushing a cart into a barn. In the joiner's workshop.

A boy thinks back to the past , destroyed cities , he, without money , crowded trains , a railway track , a dog, frightening him away. But today he is one of the best workers here! .... In the kitchen. One of the boys looks into the pots and is discontented. ' Always the same. ' He complains. ' They try to do what they can to provide the best food. ' A pig is found (???) and the boys bring it to the administrator. A court hearing, The boys decide themselves about minor deeds. A theft of food. Plaintiff: ' It's not nice!' Defender: 'Maybe he had to do it all his life and it takes time to stop it.' Defendant: 'I'm sorry. I won't do it again.' The judges retreat to debate. The audience talk. Judgment: Only a caution. The administrator is contented. In the evening, walk to the lake. They sit against the sunset, play music. In the home,boys read in the living room. New boy and administrator are so glad about the home. The boy would like to become plumber. At the lake , in the morning. Boys run over a mole, jump into the lake. New boy and administrator talk about his future job. Administrator talks of the Friedensdorf ( village of piece in Nuremberg. The Friedensdorf. Boys work. More than 100 boys with their parents and educators live here. A still of destroyed building . The new building. A conference of headmaster and staff.

But the most important thing here: handicraft. Boys working in a workshop. They have specialized in building-handcrafts, Mechanic, joiner, carpenter. Boys, working. Apprentices. In the city (Nuremberg). Building sites. A boy on a scaffold. More boys working there. Back to the new boy and the administrator. ' The right job is very important. ' A bricklayer, climbing a ladder. Roofers. Stonemasons. ( They all are in Nuremberg ). Boys building the new home 'Friedensdorf'. Foreign friends arrive in a truck. Boys and girls from different countries help in their holidays. A sketch of the finished 'Friedensdorf' (as it is planned). Now the new boy wants to become mechanic. Evening. Boys read, draw, build puppets. A puppet theatre. Children in the audience laugh. Applause. Music. A handball match of the boys. Audience reactions. Congratulations for the winners. A letter. The boys beg for an extension of the workshops because they become too small for all the boys. They promise to be very industrious. It is okay, and they all are happy.... The happy face of the new boy, superimposed his certificate of apprenticeship. Another new boy arrives and is welcomed.

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