Film: 8580

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Office comedy where the boss wants a young bride, the 20 year old is too old, he wants less than 16 year old…I suppose it was a more innocent age !

Neurotic boss. Aspiring secretary. Indignant fiancée of boss, who, secretary keeps trying to get off with. Fiancee sees boss as a 'sugardaddy', she coos at him. He fusses about his health. A gaggle of school girls arrive, wanting to see Daddy Boy. Daddy Boy breaks off his engagement, claiming his fiancee is too old. Fiancee plants herself in Secretary's lap instead. Girls playing volleyball. Daddy Boy arrives and begins to play with them. Fiancee's mother tries to rearrange the engagement with a trick, which works, and the engagement is back on. Jewellery shop - fiancee goes for the most expensive engagement ring. Mother refurnishes her flat. Visitors, small boy makes fun of Daddy Boy. Fiancee and Daddy Boy come skipping into the dining room. Daddy Boy worried about indigestion, twitches at the dinner table. Everyone copies his eating style. Fiancee plots with secretary on telephone. Daddy Boy has difficulty in eating then collapses. Cherry (fiancee) goes to bed and stuffs it with a likeness of herself before creeping out of the house. Daddy Boy sees her but thinks she is his former fiancee and panics. Just then secretary arrives. Daddy Boy wants to get rid of them so badly he writes them a cheque. Mother asks Daddy Boy to kiss Cherry goodnight. It is revealed that the figure in the bed is a doll. Daddy Boy collapses again.

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