Film: 8583

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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A later Buster Keaton film, he's not perhaps at his best.

Line-up of firemen in uniform being spoken to by chief, Buster Keaton in middle - has difficulty following instructions - Barracks interior. Train passes outside window. Tap dripping in corner of room. Keaton lies on bed. He is obviously clumsy and disorganised. Chief comes in to tell him off, he falls down the pole-hole in the middle of the room. He is transferred to a smaller station. Firemen water plants outside. Man is sewing rag doll for young girl. Another is arranging flowers in vase. Words shouted. With new chief. Young women outside with firemen, arranging dates. First fire in months. Chaos erupts. Keaton left behind by fire engine. Pulls out fire hose, then realises he has got off too soon. Passes old fire chief's house. Chief is squabbling with his wife inside - Keaton is carrying the firehose over his shoulder. He knocks on the door and is invited in by the chief's sarcastic wife. Wordplay. Fire chief throws Keaton out. Girls return home and ask to go out. Keaton tries to hitchhike - chief passes by. Meanwhile girls plan to escape. They convince an old man to call fire brigade. Keaton has just returned there alone and is sitting down when alarm goes off.

He sets off on bicycle fitted with ladder, siren and buckets, and falls over in chief's garden, much to girl's amusement. Journalists take photos as Keaton fails to put up ladder. Eventually girls come down. Chief's wife smells smoke. Photographers snap Keaton entangled with wife on ladder. She climbs again. Attempted second rescue with numerous gags. Chief returns and thanks Keaton. Newspaper headline: "One man fire department saves three women". Back at old fire department, journalists arrive to see Keaton. Medal-pinning. Photo - Keaton falls through window.

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