Film: 8584

Road Transport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


An advertisement for the Ford V8 as it takes a newly wed couple from Surrey to London, Scotland and Wales on their honeymoon. Their guide is a cartoon who appears from the mascot of the car. Lots of shots of the honeymoon couple being romantic, gazing into each others eyes etc.

A church bell, organ, church missal, weeping mother and a ring being placed on a girl's finger all indicate that there has been a wedding. The bride and groom are having their photograph taken in the garden. As they pose their wedding outfits fade to going-away outfits. They join the girl's parents and uncle who are seated in the garden. The father warns his new son-in-law that he shouldn't let his wife boss him around, don't get hen pecked. Uncle Simon searches his pockets for something and brings out a key tied with ribbon. It is the key to the 'open road', he offers it to them both and the girl snatches it, and then hugs him. Her husband asks 'isn't she a beauty?' glancing first at his new wife then at the new car. A maid is packing their luggage into the boot from the back seat. The parents examine the car and reminisce about their wedding day. They are seated in a two-horse carriage and the nosy coach-man stares at them from his seat. They all hug farewell and the girl climbs into the driver's seat and puts the key into the ignition. Her husband moves her into the passenger seat (sexist!), and they cuddle up together. The wedding party runs to the car, they comment on the spaciousness of the front seat. One of the party ask if they are going to Cornwall, but together they reply that they are searching for the perfect honeymoon. Confetti is thrown at them in the car. An L plate is put on the back of the car and a man tries to tie an old boot to the car. The car's license plate is DVW 307. The camera focuses on the mascot on the bonnet of the car, an animated top hat curls out of it like the genie from the lamp. It is dressed in a tuxedo and carries a cane. He is jubilant and declares he is going to go with them as only he can find the perfect honeymoon. The car leaves before the boot can be tied on.

Shots of a busy motor-way and signs indicating the way to London. Shots of Westminster, Piccadilly Circus, Harrods, the National Art Gallery and Big Ben showing that it is four o'clock. The cartoon appears as before, dressed on this occasion as the Pearly King, he speaks with a cockney accent. Shot of the Tower of London, a child feeding pigeons, a horse on a street, beefeaters and mounted King's guards near Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch and the Ford building. the street is busy with traffic, the Ford cartoon states that hey have chosen the right car for traffic but that he is not certain that they have chosen the right place for a honeymoon. The couple have stopped and are gazing at each other as horns are sounding impatiently around them. A policeman notices the commotion and approaches the car. He leans on the car and tells the groom that he is holding up the traffic, he asks for his license. The husband searches his pockets and then smiles as he reaches for his wedding license which he hands over. The marriage certificate indicates that he is 23 years old, and that they were married at St. [Minefields?] Catholic Church, Merton Road in Wimbledon. He is an 'engineer's tool maker' and his address is Mortlake in South London. The girl is 22 years old and her status at the time of her wedding was registered as 'spinster'. The policeman says that if they are looking for Cupid they would find him at Piccadilly Circus. Cuts to shot of Eros statue. The cartoon wonders who Eros is aiming at , it is a middle-aged woman trying to cross the road, he is astonished. Night has fallen in London, the city is lit by brightly lit billboards advertising Guinness, whiskey and bile beans. The couple have changed from evening wear and leave their car to go to a club. Big Ben strikes, it is midnight.

Map indicating Hereford, Buckingham, Oxford, Worcester, Warwick, Birmingham, Shropshire and Staffordshire. The couple are heading north in search of the perfect honeymoon. The car travels through wooded countryside. The cartoon reappears, this time he is wearing a farmer's frock and carrying a staff. The car pulls into a Tudor mill, a waterwheel is turning at the side of the building, the couple take a look. The mill has been working since 1661 but according to the cartoon the wheel has not turned as many times as his wheels do in a week. The couple visit a castle, they park the car at the bottom while they climb the top. Looking over the rampart, the man flicks a pebble down below, it lands on the car. The cartoon appears dressed in armour and brandishing a sword, he warns him to look out. They stop next at a woodland and they walk down steps to view a large waterfall. As they return to the car, the woman is reminded of whether her husband has arranged to fix the shower before they go home. The cartoon appears with an umbrella, running water gives him 'a pain in the neck'. They now head towards Scotland, the map shows Durham, Newcastle and Northumberland. The cartoon is now wearing a kilt and speaks with a Scottish accent. They park on the banks of the river to look at the [Stirling Bridge], it like their Ford motor car is a great achievement in steel. They continue through pretty countryside. The cartoon transforms from a thistle into his Scottish self. He approves of this part of the honeymoon, threatening to eat his sporran if this wasn't the honeymoon from heaven. They continue pause to sit by the banks of a river before they continue through the tree lined roads.

Cuts to a country fair in Scotland, there are pipe bands, ceilidh dancing, hammer and wrestling competitions, all the participants wear kilts and traditional dress. The car pulls into a petrol station overlooking a loch, an old man is tending one pump and asks if they need petrol. The husband wants five pence worth. The couple gaze at each other as the old man fills the tank. The husband pays for the petrol and says that this will be enough for many miles more. The old man agrees with him, he too runs a Ford car. An old Ford with a manual start lies to the side, it is currently occupied by chickens.

The map again shows Perth, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow and many other towns as they travel south once more. They picnic beside a lake and wonder what their parents are doing at home. Cuts back to her parents, they are taking tea in the garden and wondering the same thing about the children. Cuts back to the young couple as they embrace before a lake. The car travels through small lanes lined with stone walls. As they travel up a steep hill, a farmer and his dog are driving sheep against them. As they turn the corner, the girl glances at her husband in alarm but the car stops in time. The cartoon appears, he claims to own the road so there is never a need to be nervous. The map again appears to show Westmoreland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Cheshire and Manchester. The car speeds along on small country roads, the cartoon appears, he is now wearing a flowing gown. They are in Wales, the car crosses a bridge with many arches. A steam engine travels quickly along the coast of a lake parallel to the road. The car races beside it and passes it by. The husband wants to see how fast the car can go, his wife suggests that they try it out on the beach. Although a sign has said that the beach has soft sand, the car speeds quickly along it. Two fishermen chatting on either side of a stone wall are astonished as it whizzes by, a couple in the grass look up and are similarly amazed. The cartoon character loves the thrill. The couple sit on a towel on the beach beside the car. As the woman is changing in the back seat, her husband stops to look, she smiles mischievously in acknowledgment.

Dolmens on the hill in the twilight followed by the car travelling along in a canyon. The cartoon appears in a fisherman's waders. They come to the bottom of a hill where a man is putting up a sign warning that the hill is impracticable for motors. The car climbs it easily and continues along a rocky mountain road. The car is now driving down a steep narrow village road. The cartoon character transforms from a fish to its fisherman role. they are in Cornwall. Shots of the pretty fishing village with the boats moored in the harbour are followed by a shot of the Queen Mary moored to a dock. The cartoon character is as British as the Queen Mary. The couple are going to surprise the girl's uncle at his golf club. They pass a sign indicating the way to Dagenham, the home of the Ford factory, the cartoon would like to visit it but they continue on. They pull up to a grand golf club, alongside a Ford convertible and surprise Uncle Simon who sits in a deck-chair in the garden. Uncle Simon suggests a game of golf. The cartoon takes advantage of their absence and plans to drive the couple's car to the Ford factory but they have taken the key with them. He jumps across to the convertible and starts the engine. He sets off down the road waving to other motorists. A man who is working on the side of the road is astonished as the car goes by. The gear stick and clutch move as the car goes into reverse, the car drives towards Dagenham. A man on a bicycle crashes in astonishment as the car goes by. A Ford sign marks the entrance to the factory, workers move to one side as the car enters the yard. A pan shot of the factory is followed by images of the work and cars coming off the assembly line.

The car rushes back to the golf-club. Uncle Simon playing golf, is about to putt, but he thinks he sees the car pull up, he misses his shot. The girl is seated in the car and the two men stand outside. Her uncle asks if she found the perfect honeymoon, she replies that she found at least one hundred perfect places all around the British Isles and the perfect way to travel to them - in a Ford V8.

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