Film: 8585

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The Gold Coast in Ghana, Africa and the cocoa trade 1940's

Title. Close up of Ghanian man. View of Gold Coast landscape. View of factory. Black man sorting cocoa beans. Black workers carrying sacks. Inspecting beans. Sacks loaded onto boats. Paddling boats. Making cocoa butter in a factory. Different uses of cocoa butter, i.e. sweets, pharmaceuticals. Laboratory, white supervisor inspects Africans' work. Timber mill. Electricity generator. White man training black. Black men working, blacksmith, welder etc. White man in Bentley parks outside factory. Trade union meeting. Panoramic view of "European Compound", expensive houses with sea in front, tennis courts, etc. White golf club and swimming pool. White children playing in pool. African "letter-writer". Close up black woman and child. Black women at stalls. Marketplace. Black woman dancing. Close up Gold Coast, Prime Minister and spectators. Taoradi Hospital. Driving main road, possibly Accra, Ghana. Cocoa butter shipped off: "A colonial development". View of ocean at night.

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