Film: 8586

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Amateur home movies of jolly times on the beach with the family 1940's

View of beach, lighthouse, rocks, tide. Close-up of waves crashing on rocks. Hooded figure by rock. Two women and three men in conservative clothing on beach. They run through the waves. Woman picks something up off the beach and puts it in her pocket. Tide coming in. Group huddle behind stones. Woman's headscarf blown off by wind. View of surrounding cliffs. Someone in swimming costume man runs past. Women of group fuss with their hair. Group climbs over stones with young boy in swimsuit. Trees, hill. Group descend a beach-side path. Swimmers in sea. Group remain on beach. View of houses around beach. Group walking up a country road. Having a picnic. Group watch a car drive past, together with quite a large crowd. Bicycle race. Three men in suits. People paddling in the sea. Church. Steamship. Small boat passes. Group gathered outside house eating grapes. Three older women. Woman dancing with skirt; she is lifted by her husband. Group shot, all smiling. Group aboard boat. Close-up of young boy. Group descend a hill. Young couple skipping. Paddling in the sea. Two men dancing. 'Ring-a-ring o' roses' and group dancing. Shots of boats. Men swimming in sea. Group running along beach, holding hands. Horses racing along beach. Cyclists.

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