Film: 8588

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Turkey through history 1960's

Open with map of the world, depicting Europe in green, Asia and Africa in yellow, and Turkey, red, in the centre, bridging continents, as we move in closer to Turkey, notice map is made up of straight edges, Side view of block of stone, on one side is a carved human face, grass around base, camera pans around stone to revealing more of carving, furrowed brow, pained expression, full lips, dimple in chin, abundant wavy hair, feathers carved on either side of top of head, but not in as much detail as face. Fields golden with wheat and wild flowers, tree in distance, wind blows crops, camera pans left to ruins. Close-up of tombstones among blades of wheat, water just visible, look down over water to buildings on other side, wind blows gently, pan to right, overlooking water, land on either side, camera stop, focus on Sultan Ahmet Mosque.

Large ruined wall, fields sweeping away in the distance, pan right to eroded stone gateway guarded by stylised stone big cats, sunny day so lots of shadow. Close-up of one big cat, move to out of focus close-up in the distance, emphasising look back into history. Craggy rock face, pan down and to left to reveal frieze carved from rock depicting Hittites marching with pointed headgear, holding curved swords in the air. Narrow alley in rock, carving of figure on the left, plants growing down wall. Look up wall, more Hittite carvings, pan to right. Shore-line, rocky and sandy, wild flowers, very blue water, pan left, Greek ruins covered in wild flowers. Close-up of ruins obscured by plants, pan down to badly eroded stone frieze. More ancient Greek ruins, head similar to that described earlier, red and yellow spring flowers everywhere. View across ruins and green field to more columns and hills beyond, blue sky, carving of person on extreme right foreground, from this angle figure appears turned towards us, smiling, hand outstretched gesturing, towards columns and hills in distance. Three pieces of column in meadow.

Other column pieces laying on their side, behind are upright columns, one with every section very precariously balanced, perhaps due to earthquakes in region. Ionic style capital on column, bird standing on it, pan out and to right ,more ruins, flights of steps up to temple, looks Roman. Ruined archways to left, camera at ground level looking along road to horizon, road dusty and cuts between two low green hills, looks like Ephesus. Close-up of ruined stone steps and archway, through which we see a column, foliage and bright blue sea, pan out to show more of these archways, also large amphitheatre with seating above and below arches. Seats and steps, something in extreme right foreground, wild flowers growing in cracks, track back reveal object to be a stone seat or throne. Close-up of cornice, flowers growing around, wall below partially rendered, with inscription, includes name Aggripae. Shot of stone chair, pan around throne shows it has lions' feet on the arms and legs, possibly marble. Wall with cornice, poppies growing through crack, inscribed with words Caesari and Maximo. Down green slope to ruined amphitheatre, straight road leading off into distance, fields around, ground uneven, ruins, misty morning, narrator tells us this is city of Ephesus. Paving stones, white and smooth, grass growing between them, track left. Base of marble column, red brick wall and flowers behind, pan up then track right to show ancient amateur carving on column of early Christian cross with inscription. Look up at arcade of red brick with grey marble columns.

Rock in foreground, right is green valley, rising to more rocky, flat topped mountains, pan in and then to right to show unusual patterns of rock made by water erosion, narrator tells us this is "Cappadoccia, central Turkey, the chimneys of Goreme, the sixty strangest miles this side of the moon." Close-up of eroded stone in strange cone shapes, appear to be caves. More cones with mountains behind in distance, narrator says, "horns and cones of stone eroded by rain and wind to weirdest symmetry." Five of these natural cones each with stone balanced on tip, greenery in foreground. Another shot of these chimneys, one on extreme right. Three with stones on top, looking down hill. Two large cone shapes with doorway, and windows carved into them, bushes in foreground, blue sky. Pan in to carved doorway to reveal porch carved into stone. View from inside one of these entrances looking out, foreground black shadow, entrance is key-hole shaped, look out onto sunny day and large cone shaped rock. Another rock, more carved entrances, extreme left and right of screen in shadow of two chimneys, narrator tells us these rocks are "honeycombed with hermits' cells, whole monasteries." Greenery to right, smooth rock area to left, with doorways, centre of screen craggy rock cone with numerous doorways and windows.

Close-up of cone with doorway, more in distance, as though in a line. Two cones with blue sky in background, pan back to reveal shot taken from within shadowy doorway, looking out into bright sun, pan left, across shadowy cave wall, to reveal key-hole shaped archways carved through to more rooms and chapels, paintings on wall, in ochre coloured paint, depicting Christian scenes, haloes on figures. View from large square carved room, walls richly painted in several colours, three figures on right of screen, one carries child, all halos appear gilded, lit by shaft of natural light, perhaps window off screen to right, to left we see into another room, brighter than the first, with partially damaged wall paintings of icons. View of vaulted ceiling, precisely carved and richly painted in dark colours. In brighter colours depiction of the last supper, Apostles crowded around other far side of table, Jesus depicted on extreme left, with more ornate halo, another haloed apostle is separated from others to near side of table, probably Judas, lovely aerial perspective of large whole fish on table, pan up to reveal more friezes depicting Christian scenes.

View across trees to city wall, water and city in distance, pan right to show dirt tracks, more wall, this time in ruins, modern street and buildings to right, city in distance, narrator uses name Constantinople. Façade of large building, appears to be early church, with colonnade, archways, few small domes on roof, one large to right. Same building from different angle, building appears redder in colour, domes apparent, woman with white head cloth and children in front of building, viewed from street, buildings either side, roads appear old, perhaps cobbled.
Inside building, view up inside cupola, painting/mosaic depicting stylised sun with Virgin and Child contained within, gilded rays point out to sixteen other figures, camera turns around and pans to the right under arch to show another ceiling. Mosaic Icon on wall, partly lost, depicting Christ with gilded halo, face of woman shown to left, close up of Christ's face, pan right to show another male face, looking down with extremely sad expression, long wavy dark hair and beard, clothed in shapeless brown clothes, halo is faint outline of blue, fade to close-up of blue robes, right hand held in gesture of peace, left hand holding richly bound bible, pan out to reveal face of Christ and two figures richly dressed, robes dotted with pearls, on either side of Him. Partially damaged representation of Christ with woman in blue to His right, pan up to show another gilded sun-burst with Christ in centre and double row of figures circling Him.

Green field of crops blowing gently in breeze, something in distance, maybe ruin. View of cows grazing, purple flowers growing in foreground, low ruined brick building in background. Dusty road running to distance, grass and ruin on far side of road. View of minarets against blue sky. Close-up of blue tiles with yellow Islamic script, elongated possibly thulth style, decorated with leaves and flowers. Plain stone carved archway, more text. More yellow text on blue tile. Another stone frieze with depictions of sun and crescent moon with royal sign, or tughra, in centre, possibly that of Suleyman The Magnificent. Extreme shot looking up façade of gateway ornately carved in stone, shots designed to represent alarm at Turkish invasion of Constantinople. Strange angle of tiled area, unclear.
Stone minaret with rocks around, possibly ruins. Waves lapping on sandy shore with low ruin on the sand in distance. Ruins of fort looking out to sea, battlements in denture style, pan left to show castle walls stretch along the coast. Stone carving depicting coats of arms of the Crusaders with Latin inscriptions below, possibly reading "In the name of The Catholic Church I hold this place," as this is what narrator says at this point, one word inscribed plainly reads "Catholica". View out to sea through ruined archway. View of grasses against blue sky, pan right to reveal more coats of arms, or devices, carved on wall. View from ruined wall looking down, showing sea hit against rocks around fort, greenery inside ruin, lovely light as sun sets. Close-up of purple thistles with ruins and sea in background.

Stone frieze depicting rows of people and colonnade behind them, balcony or box with one figure standing holding laurel wreath as though to award it at games where people are spectators, pan right to show rows of people on other side of box. Close-up of stone brick wall, track left to show breaks in wall and ruins beyond, fade to another wall, continue track left to reveal another wall and partially destroyed towers, with modern city in distance. Close-up of another frieze, badly eroded, showing us rows of men's' faces all looking in the same direction with spears shown behind them. Another carving, this time of heads and shoulders of men and women, again facing same direction but not in same style as those described previously, the statues on the top row have flat heads used as caryatids to large stone blocks above. Close-up of two eroded carved faces.
Green grassy area with brown goat, narrow path worn through grass, ruins either side, tall ruin wall stretches down left of screen into distance, pan left to extreme close-up of wall.

View of Istanbul with domes in extreme foreground, mosques and minarets in distance. View between two domes to Hagia Sophia. Mosques, domes and minarets. Show another mosque, dome in centre, minarets, greenery in foreground, sea in distance. Looking down on rows of domes and rooftops of Topkapi Palace, see across to Bosphorus and ships. Another view over Topkapi rooftops to Bosphorus.
Painting of building façade, just about see Sultan seated, with men in front of him, rows of white turbaned men stand off to left, wide row of white turbaned men stand uniformly to right in rows, that bend into the foreground, pan in to close-up of Sultan on large golden throne with advisors and eunuchs around him, (by Konstantin Kapidagi "Bayram Reception in the second courtyard of the palace" c1800). Close-up of portrait of a Sultan, pale skin, dark eyes and beard, face appears kind, wears large white turban, he faces towards his right, (by Bellini 1480,Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror 1451-81). Close-up of another Sultan, again with kind face, he is glancing at us over his right shoulder, pearl and tassel hanging from his white turban, piece of clothing seen is golden coloured. Close-up of seated Sultan dressed in red cloak with ermine collars, walls of green and gold behind, more ornate turban of red and white, Tughra in background, he looks directly at us, hard, perhaps cruel faced, (Sultan Selim III 1789-1807).

Head on view of Sultan in very ornate red and white turban with large jewel attached to front and feathers coming out of the top, highly arched eyebrows, heavy eyelids, he is seated on golden throne, pan down to reveal clothing heavily embroidered on chest, hands on knees with large jewelled ring on each little finger. Bright gold throne displayed in glass case in museum setting.
View tracking right, apparently on boat on Bosphorus, showing ornate white building, ornate cast iron fences and gates, perhaps Dolmabace Palace. Close-up of more fencing and large gate. Steps leading up from waters edge, buildings and trees in background, continue pan right. Pan right, close-up at unusual angle of pediment across entrance to another palace by the Bosphorus.

View from back of bronze statue of Ataturk looking out over water with legs astride and left hand on hip. Red sign by side of road with word Turkiye written in white lettering. Modern arches over road, one with Turkiye and crescent and star on, armed guards, barrier raised, camera pan out to reveal queue of cars and vans, guards checking papers, sign wishing visitors pleasant stay in several languages, blue ford drives towards camera. View of red car with white roof driving towards camera, dusty tarmac road stretches back to horizon, land flat with areas of green as far as eye can see. Red bus drives through winding road between mountains.
View of grey tarmac road rising up, as though a slight hill, blue car coming over hill, looks like centre of Istanbul, minarets behind. Sign by side of road depicts simply a tent and archway in black, green and gold, words in black read "mocamp" and "kartal tepe", also, in red, "kervansaray", apparently meaning camp site. Flag poles with flags of different nations flying. Shot of similar sign on grass verge with red car in road being polished by attendant in white cap, petrol pump just seen to right, sea in distance with ruined fort on island. Close-up of people washing clothes in sinks, modern, with shiny chrome taps built against a wall, woman in foreground has hair in rollers under a hairnet.

Close-up of balding man in glasses as he leans back in blue sun lounger, wife next to him shields her eyes from setting sun, orange tent just in view to right. Other holiday makers, father and son, sit at wooden picnic table and appear to read maps, father wears red short sleeved shirt with white buttons, he has brown hair and beard, thick rimmed glasses, son wears stripy short sleeved shirt, thick framed glasses, straw hat on corner of table nearest to camera, more tourists and large blue tent in background. Close-up of woman's head as she wets her hair under shower of water, outdoors but man-made, she looks up and smiles. View of swimming pool, people in and around it, stone miniature waterfall effect that woman was under is shown to left side of pool, vans and tents in background. Looking down on various tents, people seated in foreground, sea in background, pan in to ruined fortress island. Look down from cliff to jagged rocks, clear sea with small boat bobbing on waves. Close-up across water, as it ripples, we make out someone with mask swimming under water towards, we see person holding something in right hand out in front of them. From onboard boat we see man in white cap helping swimmer towards boat by pulling the air pipe attached to their snorkel and piling up the pipe on the deck. Close-up of hand-over of object from swimmer to man on boat, appears to be amphora for storing wine or oil, covered with barnacles, pan left as man turns and places it with others.

Close-up of something through shallow rippling water, carved stone, partially covered by sand, pan right and back to reveal pieces of columns and stones. Much longer piece of column in darker water, pan to right over its whole length.

Sunset, water washes off "Calcified Cascades" at Pamukale, pan right to show water running gently off edge. Different view of cascades with water running off. Looking up to see water trickle towards us. Close-up of water trickle down vertical surface to meet horizontal surface at right angles. Crowded beach scene, people on sand and in sea, light suggests sunset. More people on beach looking out as very large ship passes close by, see land on Asian side of Bosphorus with walled fortifications. Close-up of woman's legs as she lays out towel and then sits on crowded beach, people pass, out of focus in front of camera. View of blue sea with rocky cliff to left, pan down and to right to show rocks, then sandy beach with few people, continue pan right to show shore line stretching into distance.

View over Istanbul rooftops, Topkapi Saray in immediate foreground, pan in to people, cars and buses around the ferries. Street scene, buildings in background, buses and trams pass on road and ruined pieces of columns with raised peacock feather motif. Close-up of mosque, pan to left across busy street scene, buildings, vehicles, people, trams, pan to bridge obscured by cars crossing over it and the canopied boats around it, people climb aboard, only tiny area of water seen. Ferries on Bosphorus travel right to left across screen. Close-up of man in black cap, clothes seem dirty or oily. Close-up of ferries and ships' funnels as they pass each other belching black smoke. View of three men leaning on railing on ferry. Shot of boat flying Turkish flag, crosses right to left, larger ship behind. Close-up of man, grey hair, tanned wrinkled face, smoking hookah pipe on a boat, close up of red glass part of pipe to left, boats pass in background. Camera follows seagull as it flies past, over city. Lots of ferries lined up, smoke from their chimneys, rows of white life-preserving rings or tyres arranged around them. Lots of stationary cars, perhaps taxi rank, mosque in background on hill in distance. Close-up of man in uniform directing traffic, signs, advertisements and neon lights on buildings behind him. Pigeons suddenly fly up to reveal steps they were sitting on. Shot of water, from above as red boat speeds by with people on board. Street scene, mosque in background, cars, buses, people pass in front of camera. Shot taken near building, surface produces mirror effect as bus passes. View of crowded bridge, lots of vehicles passing both ways, people walking on the pavements on either side of lanes of traffic, bridge punctuated by poles with shield shaped signs. Close-up of crowded pavements on bridge, city in background. Another shot of heavy traffic, cars and people, police directing traffic, no ground visible at all. Shot of steps up to bridge as it spans Bosphorus. Close-up of the people travelling around. View of men getting off ferry. Close-up of ferry workers. Aerial shot of boat passing under camera with people crouching all over available space, deck faded red paint, black tyres hung around.

Close-up of large illustrated poster advertising Turkish film called "Nazar Degmez Insallah". Another poster advertising western film, names appear to include Dorothy Malone and Rock Hudson. Coca-Cola sign. Men working on cables, probably telephone, framed by the minarets behind them. Close-up of heron as it stands on metal drum, ferries behind it. View from boat of small fish, maybe sardines, arranged on top of red metal drums, man flicks a liquid from a can, perhaps to mask smell or deter flies. Heron flaps wings as people pass it. People lean on railing look down to small fishing boats moored, with fish on drums, probably for sale. Back to heron flapping wings as man imitates it. Close-up of fish on grill being turned over with tongs. Heron turns to peck at man. Two men in front of stall selling postcards and curly-toed slippers. Teenage boy arranges pile of something, perhaps nuts. Close-up of man removing boiled corn-on-the-cob, from large metal pot with tongs, as people pass by on street. Close-up of man pulling pint. Traditional shoe shine in street. Bread rings piled high are carried through busy street. More scenes in market of crates being carried, a pony passes. Busy market scene. Inside of carpet shop, walls lined with rugs, some rolled and propped up in corner.

Icons on a shelf. Brass jugs and pots on Shelves. Gold bangles arranged in shop window. Hookah pipes, dusty-looking, on display in window. Postcard stall in front of stone building. Close-up of flowers for sale on stall. Close-up of fruit stall with fruit arranged on leaves, people pass between camera and stall out of focus. People walking through market, some carrying heavy bundles. View of building through railings, track left, continue to see building, obscured occasionally by pillars, could be Blue Mosque. People walking in courtyard shaded by trees. Woman and child wash from old tap and marble sink. Close-up of feet being washed under tap. Older couple stand in front of ornate wall, woman runs her right hand over script, puts hand to face and bends, it seems, to look into small hole below inscription. Two elderly men sit and wash themselves. Close-up of small dome, covered in pigeons. Sea bird and pigeons on ground. Close-up of building, elderly man washing his face. Back to small dome, pigeons all fly away as call to prayer gets louder. Inside of mosque dimly lit, one figure kneels in front of mihrab (alcove indicating direction of Mecca). Close-up of man, frontal view as he kneels, he is elderly with a white beard, he is dressed in black with black cap, he looks down and his hands are on his knees, he kneels on green carpet, those behind him are red. Shot of minaret against evening sky, hear call to prayer, pan right across red sky to lights along Bosphorus below. Close-up of neon lights. More neon lights, nothing else visible. Neon light of windmill and Turkish words including "mulen ruj", meaning Moulin Rouge.

Belly-dancer, dancing in restaurant as band play behind her. Close-up of kebab, pan out as meat is sliced off, flames to left of screen. Chefs dressed in white pass food through hatch to another man dressed in white. View of guests sitting at tables, man is served his meal. Close up of dancer, curvaceous, wearing pink costume with silver beading and tassels. Close-up of turning kebab being sliced. Return to chefs as they pass plates through hatch. Close-up of tourists as they eat. Another view of restaurant, waiters in white or burgundy jackets carry trays up and down steps. Different angle of chef carving doner kebab. Close-up of dancer as she turns, smiling. Young couple at table, she eats, he smokes. Close-up of woman with short blonde hair as she sings a pop song to camera, she is between two columns, customers seated behind her, sings in Turkish with deep voice, turns to other side of column.
Reflection of columns in water, dusk, water ripples, camera closes in on rippling columns. View of sunset over calcified cascades. View of sunset, silhouette of pillars and trees, all reflected in still water, track to right, setting sun hidden momentarily behind column. Back to blonde woman singing. Close-up of ruins in broad daylight, track left to show more ruin and city beyond. On hillside, green grass and lots of poppies, atrium cut into side of hill. Shot of simple modern mosque with one minaret, wild flowers in field in foreground, trees and snow-capped mountains in distance. View of sea, enclosed by land almost completely, fortress on island juts into sea apparently from land to left off screen. View over rooftops. From under trees on grassy hill overlooking Bosphorus. View of old city wall. Track to left, apparently in car, mosque with trees passing between camera and mosque. Over Topkapi Palace rooftops, pan left over Istanbul, showing Bosphorus, bridge and Asian side. Fade black, same map as beginning, now has stylised boat and amphora in sea, black lines depicting roads, well known sites illustrating different cities, some named, credits come up on right hand side.

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