Film: 8591

Fashion | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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ICI fibres. Sketches of children in 1970's casual fashions, jeans, dungarees, turtlenecks. Title. Fashion designer painting patterns, Jill Morris, Berkshire School of Art. Close up brush in jar of red paint. Children's' drawings. Classroom Alton Park Junior School Clacton on Sea, Essex. Children in uniform, painting. Children use of bright colours, dark colours for happy or sad emotions. Woman walking through garden. Plants, flowers. colours of nature. Children running across bridge, feeding swans, flying kite, on spacehoppers, skipping. Trees, boats on canal. Design of new school uniform. Girls playing hopscotch leapfrog. College of Design. Use of fabrics and colours. Fashion dummies. Shape. Close up crab. (children sketching). Girls in PE class. Leotards. Gymnastics. Children playing recorder and other instruments. Singing. Use of man made fabrics and materials.

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