Film: 8592

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Sex Education 1970's

A baby asleep in a crib. A baby cries. The parents asleep in bed, the mother gets up, very tired looking. The bedside clock on ten to 6 am. The narration is a man being asked questions by a child so everything is very simplified. The mother picks the baby up out of the crib. The father turns over in the bed and goes back to sleep. The mother changes the baby's diaper. Close-up of hands being washed. Baby is breast fed, the mother is half asleep.
The facts are explained. An ova through a microscope. The sperm circulate around it. The sperm and egg join then the cells in the egg divide. Scientist adjusts a microscope setting as he looks through the lens. Diagrams of the sperm going into the egg and the egg dividing. Boy and girl babies are different. Boy and girl babies in the bath tub, they are taken out one by one and dried off by their mother. She lays them each on the bed. Close up of baby's genitals. Naked girls in a swimming pool, close ups of their bodies. Then naked boys. Then the naked boys and girls together, about nine or ten years old.
Art class with live, nude models. Diagram of ovaries. The child narrator asks how the sperm get to the ova. Intercourse explained using silhouette of a couple. The ovum and the sperm diagram again. A baby in a basinet. A toddler. A Spanish baby in a basinett. A black mother and child. Dog's genitals shown. Ducks are fed in a farmyard. A mother duck and her ducklings. Chicken eggs in a nest. Cat and its kittens. Father and a baby rock together in a rocking chair. A baby sleeps, drooling. Childcare and babycare. Bathing a baby, a district nurse shows how, washing a baby's hair. Mother dresses and feeds a baby. Sterilising a bottle. Mother watches children so they don't hurt themselves. Health Visitor talks to mother about babies crying at night. Doctor gives baby a check-up. More kittens and dogs. Father and baby.

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