Film: 8596

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Silent comedy 1920's

Cyclists on tandem overtake James Finlayson on horse. Police officer on bike. Louise Fazenda sows seeds. Geese eat them. Geese chase her over bridge. She gets stuck on fence. Pompous man falls off horse. Doffs hat. Cat catches mouse. Girl afraid and stands on counter, swings from chandelier. Stands in eggs. Girl jumps into man's arms. He staggers into eggs. He steals a kiss. She is shocked and runs away. Spins around and falls off chair. He kisses her hand. Father sits on stool and plays flute. Man kisses girl's shoulder. He reads letter and leaves aghast. Cat knocks jug off shelf onto his head. Hits girl's father in face with hammer. Mounts horse from right hand side. Another woman takes burning cake from oven. It is hot and she throws it away. He tries to kiss her, she pushes him off (and he sits on stove and burns his backside). Chase seen in house. He locks the door with a chair. Her husband is Ben Turpin (cross-eyed). They fight. Barn scene. Original girl beaten by father hits wrong man. Cow. Hits horse, kicked. She kisses farm hand. Wedding. Opening letter. Couple fight at wedding, girl falls into table, whitewash lands on man's head. Man throws suitcases down. Punches wrong man. Mad axe chase. Swinging on chandelier. Cat and mouse. Woman faints, thrown onto bed, men think the worst. Car chase, she has young boy in back of car. Pursued by motorcycle, car. Bike jumps over car. Rides up ramps. Car drives through pile of earth. On bridge, and under it. Car crashes into haystack. Woman catapulted out. Bike crashes. Baby not injured. Car drives along rail tracks into tunnel and train comes out. Car stuck on footbridge. Funny fight, knock man into ground.
Six years later after church bells couple walk into distance followed by four sets of twins, and one set of triplets (a potential football team?).

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