Film: 8599

Transport General | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Transport in the 1920's

Speedboat on river. On side of boat F.O. Baby Gar 1V. Possibly steam driven. Voice singing 'Bye, Bye, Blackbird'. Electric train, not British. Commentator is Roger Livesey (1930/40's British film actor.) Two old cars moving inside an outdoor stadium. One bumps into the other. Couple emerging from Church or Registry Office after marriage ceremony, friends - hold archway of aircraft parts. Bride and groom leave for their honeymoon in airplane.
"We were all air minded in 1927." Aircraft takes off. Old trains and horse-drawn trams at a show. Time to consider how far we have come in the last 100 years and how far we might go in the next 100. Cars and buses in the Mall approaching the Victoria memorial and Buckingham Palace. Bus has open air stairway. "George V gave permission because the road in Piccadilly was under repair." Albatross sleeping car. (road coach). Did not last long.
Cobbled street people looking at sleeper car. Point duty policeman (controlling traffic)
car which has front wheels which turn 45 degrees for ease of parking. Commentary adds jocular comments to pictures. Racing car on horse racetrack competing with race horses, Including jumping the barriers as in steeple chasing. Motor cycle racing on country road. The Ulster Grand Prix. Cars racing in an urban setting. People lining the streets and at 1st floor windows. Malcolm Campbell's Bugatti (Italian made super car) has burst into flames and Campbell helps extinguish the flames. Parry Thomas moves out to the flats (Pendine Sands Wales sea-shore racing area) and to his death. We see the car speeding and after it has crashed. 'Blue Bird (Campbell's famous racing car) being pushed out to the start of a track by eager supporters. It races over the wet sands. - New world speed record of 174 mph. Major Segrave makes an attempt on the record at Daytona Beach, Florida - he reaches 203.7 mph. He is feted on his return to GB. Ocean going liner with airship landing on its deck. Biplane with mail takes off from a ship at sea. Aeroplane designed to skim over water but not sea-going. Aerial view of Croydon Airport. Aircraft landing "Imperial Airways never killed a passenger". Bi plane taking off. People viewing a film on the plane. The first people to view a motion picture on an airplane. In France new armoured bombers. In United States steadily growing air power. Bi-planes in formation over coastline. Early open cock-pits give little protection to the flyers. Machine gun mounted on a series of bars. Operators swathed in heavy clothing with leather helmets and coats. Aircraft propeller is started by a contraption mounted on a van chassis. College students in top hats crowd round a bi-plane. People viewing a film inside an aircraft in mid-air. Strange airship taking off. Balloon jumping. Balloon with man in bath in place of usual under slung basket. - A blue blank film divider at this point.
Change to contemporary scene in Germany. State funeral for Von Richthofen being re-buried nearly 10 years after he was shot down in France. Von Hindenburg walks behind the hearse which is mounted on a gun carriage. A soldier carries his medals and decorations on a cushion in front of the coffin. Airfield in Italy. Crowds, aircraft. Aircraft racing over horse race track. Spectators line the track as for horse racing. A new design of aircraft with bird-like wings. - 'Bonney's Gull' it takes off and crashes after a few seconds. Pilot killed. 2 French airmen (Nangesse and Cohney) leave in a biplane in attempt to cross the Atlantic. They disappeared.. Man on lighthouse or lightship keeps watch over the Atlantic. Americans Lt. Noel Davis and Lt. Worcester crash on a practice flight. Picture of crashed plane with nose buried on island in a river. Lt. Chas. Lindbergh taking off to win £5000 prize if he can cross the Atlantic. Others like Chamberlain and McCuster. Lindbergh getting on to plane. Plane takes off in misty weather. Crowds of workers crossing Thames bridge. Plane crossing a coast line. Scenes of London in fog. The early newspapers being handled. Night-life views of London, New York and Paris. Ship at sea in contrast to Lindbergh alone. Passengers play games on board. West coast of Ireland. Evening in Paris - news of his coming. Newsreel cameramen gather at Le Bourget. People at the airport. 'Thousands gather at Le Bourget'. Night Time milling crowds greet Lindberg he appears on the balcony of the American Embassy. Crowds cheer. Later he flies to London (Croydon). Crowds greet his arrival. Sea plane being wheeled out. 1927 - The new super marine Schneider trophy. Britain's first aircraft carrier moves out to sea. Airlines carrying passengers views of townscape. - Credits.

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