Film: 8604

London | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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London Travelogue 1950's

Railway station with lines and platforms. Live A4 'Pacific locomotive' (a London North Eastern) train pulls into a station. Street scene outside Kings Cross Station with St. Pancras in the background. A number 30 bus pulls out of a bus stop. Our young traveller has missed her friend and is stranded in London alone. She stands outside a newsagent stall. Traffic lights with Guinness advertisements in the background. People wait at a zebra crossing outside Finlays and treasure Island. A number 30 bus goes past on its way to Hackney Wick. Young boy sucking on a lollipop. It is the young girl's friend. They meet. They go downstairs to the underground. An underground train pulls into a suburban station. It is the Edgware branch of the Northern Line. View of London from what looks like Greenwich! The young girl and Tommy, the boy cross the road in front of a factory and walk past thirties style suburban housing. Looks like North or West London. They go down the path and are welcomed by her aunt. Uncle is gardening digging. Dog lies in daisies and grass chewing. Visitor plays with dog in the garden. Map of London showing growth of city and projected growth up to 1960. Mother returns home with brown paper panels and string and chrysanthemums. Tommy plays with his toy garage and a remote helicopter on a stick. His cousin plays with a remote car and pushes it towards a stuffed leopard and stuffed tiger. Uncle shows cousin his London. They walk out front gate. Houses of Parliament from Lambeth Bridge, two London policemen walk by. County Hall from the North side of Westminster Bridge. A barge goes past on the Thames. Westminster Abbey. Various shots of Parliament Square and Big Ben. Number Ten Downing Street. Tourists gather in Whitehall to watch the changing of the Horse Guard opposite the War Office. Trafalgar Square, Nelson's Column, National Gallery, St. Martin's in the fields, South Africa House. Tourists feeding pigeons in a summer Trafalgar Square. Pavement artists outside the front of the National Gallery. He is smoking a roll up. Princess Marina cruise boat at Charing Cross Pier. Model of Old London Bridge. Tower of London. They disembark. Yeoman of the Guard. Beefeaters standing outside a door. A raven. Another Beefeater, grinning at the camera. View from up high of Tower Bridge and the Post Office. London cannons outside the Tower of London, Tower Bridge in the background. ' Royal ' cruise boat goes past. Tower Bridge opens for it. The docks of London. Cranes unloading goods with sign reading Canary Islands London. Long shore man lights cigarette. Unloading goods from freight ship. Fulham IV, a container vessel is guided out of the port by a tug. Wheels of Routemaster buses on pedestrian crossings. Passengers running for the bus, jumping on the back. Views of the city of London financial area. A number 23 bus goes past the Bank of England in Threadneedle Street. Also a number 15 bus. The Mansion House. A messenger of the Bank of England. A woman paints outside St Paul's Cathedral. Fleet Street and Ludgate Hill looking towards St. Paul's. Outside the Daily Express building, the Daily Telegraph building, Reuter Photographs in Fleet Street. Charing Cross underground station entrance. Newspaper sellers and commuters. Cars and a number 109 bus on the embankment. The Houses of Parliament at sunset from the South Bank. The aunt takes our young Scottish visitor out the next day. Eros and Piccadilly Circus. A number 39 bus comes down Regent street. Fortnum and Mason van. A black busker with a feathery headdress and umbrella. Oxford Circus looking towards the BBC building on Portland Place, W1. A number 6 bus turns into Oxford Street, it is advertising Crawfords Cream Crackers and Kiwi Boot Polish. A number 17 bus advertising OMO goes past. Oxford Street scenes including Selfridges. Window shoppers. Flower stall. Street hawkers selling the same old stuff. Stuffed toys on strings etc., shady men looking perry with suitcases. Hawkers and Co. in Savile Row. Looking through the railing to a basement tailor's workshop. School boy wearing a black frock coat and white tie, the uniform of a 400 year old London school, walks down the street reading Soho. Berwick Street market. Different nationalities, Italian, French, Chinese. Fruit sellers. Barrow boys. Cockney market traders selling oranges. A rain storm starts so shots of Piccadilly circus and umbrellas. Wet pavements. The British Museum, Great Russell Street. People reading books outside the museum. Girls playing netball. Outdoor café near tennis courts. Barristers at the Law Courts. Carey Street. The Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. Gardens. Waterloo Bridge. Café under its arches. View back down to St. Paul's. They sit at the Thames-side Restaurant with St. Paul's in the background. Boathouses on the Thames. The lights of Piccadilly Circus including 'Have a Guinness Time at Half Past Eight at Night'. Tommy's turn to take his cousin round London. The fish market at Billingsgate, a box of fish from Fleetwood Fish Merchants Association. Loading fish onto the back of a truck. Monument. Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. The queen's horse, Winston that she rides at the Trouping of the Colour. Swans and sunbathers in Hyde Park. The Serpentine, children swimming, a young woman putting on her bathing cap. Diving into the Serpentine. Deck Chairs. An Asian woman walks by pushing a pram. Speaker's Corner. Regents Park and the Zoological Gardens. The giraffe, the elephant, the bears. Children playing in the playground on swings, roundabouts, in the sand pit. A helicopter (SABENA) lands. Battersea Park. Funfair. Boating pond. Helter Skelter. Miniature train. Interior of train returning to the Scottish Highlands. Guard blows his whistle and waves his flag. Close up of train wheels starting, steam train number 60114. Train pulls out of the station.

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