Film: 8609

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Ruptured Lumbar Discs 1960's

Straight into removal of intervertebral disc. Diagram of spine. Nucleus ralposa annulus fibrosa. Diagram of ruptured disc. X-ray of condition. Arthritic spurs. Youngish man with condition turns around and attempts to bend forwards, grimaces. Myelograms. Discography radiogram. Young man is given x-ray of lumbo-sacral spine. Injection of local anaesthetic, needle for discography inserted between L5 and S1. Also between L4 and L5. Lateral x-ray taken. Spinal needles through guide needles into discs. Radio-opaque dye injected. Antero-postero x-rays. X-ray of ruptured disc on infection. Hyper-extension. Diagram of vertebral body fusion. Operation-transverse incision. Vertebral retractor. Removal of ruptured disc. Bone plug driven in. Transverse incision of iliac crest. Removal of iliac bone for graft. Summary of tools and methods used. Cauterisation, etc. Selection of refrigerated bank bone. Opening filled with ground bone. Post-operative patient. Post-operative x-rays.

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