Film: 8610

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Medicine and the nervous system 1950's

Man waits to cross road, traffic lights. Illustration of body with central and peripheral nervous system. Micrographs of neurons. Young man with electrodes connected to hand, physician flicks switch and thumb moves. Close up of thumb moving, control panel. Frog leg muscles in petri-dish, twitches when electrical impulses supplied. Diagrammatic representations of neurones, nerve fibres and conduction of nerve impulse. Highlighted micrography of synapse. Diagrammatic representation of motor sensor systems. Close up hand stimulated by needle. Representation of pain and pressure receptors. Diagram of brain cortex. Sections of brain corresponding to particular nervous 'messages'. Doctor taps man's knee with hammer. Diagrammatic representation of resulting nerve loop. Man blinks as eyelids are touched. Man moves eyes from side to side. Diagrammatic representation of inhibition. Man, in slow motion, dives from board into pool. X-ray showing beating heart. Diagrammatic representation of autonomic system. Diagrammatic representation of peripheral system. Technicians with primitive 'computers', cardiovascular monitoring systems.

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