Film: 8616

Education | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Outward Bound Trust - Outdoor learning in Wales, 1940's.

Bryneithyn Outward Bound school. Boys at Penhelig Halt, Aberdovey, Wales. Cader Idris. Boys navigate themselves over mountain.

Boys get out of railway carriage at Penhelig Halt. They each carry a suitcase. Leaving the station and walking down steps. They appear to have loaded their luggage in a small truck, then they walk to the outward bound school. All wear tweedy jackets or suits. Outdoor roll call. Names are called and three boys answer their names 'Here, Sir'. Flagpole with flag flying. The exterior of a large country house, converted into the school, as one group of boys walk past another group sitting on the grass. It is a bright, sunny day.
Boys clamber along ropes (monkey-ropes?) in a wood. Boys do not wear shirts. Boy putting the shot. Another boy doing a very good long jump. After he has landed another boy rakes the sand pit. Long shot of two boys doing the high jump. Boys running around with sea in background.
The wharf (at Aberdovey?) where the school keeps its boats and ships. On the wharf a group of boys practising lifeboat drill. Swinging boat about on its davitts. Group of boys making hitches, bends and splices, tying knots with ropes. Boys wearing lifejackets carry a kayak on a wooden walkway. Two boys paddle a kayak. Five kayaks at sea. Three cutters at sea, each with ten or twelve boys in. Inside a boat view as boys row the cutter. Good footage of boat passing a fixed point with boys rowing, also from sea as boat is rowed, and then boys raise oars in air. Sailing a boat. Boy at tiller reacts to something and move rudder over. Two boys attempting to fight with sail. Boatload of boys look to struggle with lowering sail. Boat under full sail with two small masts up. Four boys in a smaller boat, a one masted dinghy. Two dinghies neatly skirt each other. Cutter slowly coming into port. Boys haul down sail. Boys clamber up netting up wharfside.
Boys under instruction outside back at the school. Being prepared for a cross country expedition. Man points to yonder hills. Views of Cader Idris with farmland in foreground. Birds' Rock. Six boys tramp through ferns or bracken. Up a steep slope. At top of one hill by a stone cairn, instructor takes one boy aside and questions him. He points. They study map. Boy rejoins group and a second boy leaves to (presumably) be tested by the instructor. Boys walking down a very stoney route. Six boys marching strongly in grassy valley botom. Boys go through garden gate of farmhouse where sign says OBSS.

Another outward bound school The Mountain School at Eskdale, Cumberland, near Sca Fell in the Lake District. Boys run down grassy slope and jump in or dive into the tarn or lake at the foot of the hostel. Boys swim as canoes paddle past. On stream boys canoe as another slides past on a wire. Boys being instructed on the front lawn of the hostel in how to throw a javelin. Boys collect javelins they have thrown. Boys learn skills essential for mountain climbing. They walk along a wobbly beam and clim a rope. Boy climbs rope and into tree. Walking along a rope bridge. Instructor demonstrates method of using the 'Tarzan swing'. He shows the take-off, the swing and how to move from the rope to a taughtly tied rope. Two boys fail to hold onto the target rope and slip off. One boy manages the whole feat and then slides along the taught rope. Climbing net.
Instructor demonstrates rock climbing on nursery or beginner's rocks. Boys scramble up lowest rock. Instructor tying a rope round his waist. Tying good and bad bowline knots. Good knot holds, poor knot slips. Abseiling. Boys check maps, put on haversacks and set off on walk. Walking in along alongside lake. Arriving at campsite with tents already erected. Rock climbing. Belaying the rope - tying it fast to the rock. Close up of boot on rock. Congratulating each other on successfully climbing to the top of a climb. Sitting on the peak eating a sandwich and surveying the lake in the English Lake District below.
Boys in communal showers. Hanging up clothes or towels to dry. At rest in the evening - a piano being played, boys play chess, reading, torch lit canoeing and boys in water hold torches.
Mountain rescue work. Apparently injured person tied to stretcher and gently brought over a rocky slope. Abseiling with stretcher as boys gently lower from above. Carrying stretcher on lower slopes.

Back at Aberdovey in Wales, boys at sea rescue practice. Firing a rope to an imagined ship in distress. A rope is attached and a breeches buoy hauled to the mast. Boy climbs in buoy and is lowered to the beach by boys pulling on ropes.
On ketch Warspite a bell is rung and boys emerge from hatch - one hits his head. Scrubbing the deck. Daily chores. Hauling rope to raise a sail. Instruction in steering the ship by turning the ship's wheel. Shadow of a man climbing rigging on sail of ship. Silhouette of men climbing rigging. Fishing from the ship by line. Throwing a bucket on line into sea. The ketch under sail.

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