Film: 8617

Social History | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Great little film saying that most workers do not get satisfaction from their jobs but you have to work. Interesting in the context of the free-thinking, liberal period of the 1960's.

Mod DJ wearing little round sunglasses does a gig, spinning soul records at a mods disco, looks like a youth club. Background of sixties looking tiles. Place called Speke Soul. Youths dancing. A couple sitting talking and laughing, others dance to the "Locomotion". Great mods haircuts. Talking about work. Another soul DJ on the platform, wears braces but no shaved head. A young black boy dances. Boys stand round looking sulky but tapping in time to the music. One very young boy has a cigarette behind his ear. Girls chewing gum. Linda is a window dresser. Older woman wearing a bizarre woolly hat and 1950's style fin glasses. Linda dresses a mannequin in a bathing costume. Interior scenes of a department store. Linda tries on a pair of silver framed outsized sunglasses. She puts a pair of sunglasses on her shop model. People looking in the window. Groovy looking long haired mannequin wearing huge sunglasses and headband. A production line in a car factory. Fitting car doors. Screwing in screws. Drilling and welding. The factory could be the Ford factory at Dagenham? Apprentices at work in an engineering workshop. A car comes off the production line. Cars in the street. Tractor in a field. Young boy harvests potatoes by machine. Ties a bag of potatoes up. Loading bags of potatoes on to the back of a flat bed lorry. Boys talk about what they want out of a job. Young man driving a Ford tractor. A farm house table set for a meal with cups of tea being made. Leanne works in a clothing factory. Close ups of material going through the sewing machine. Lines of women sewing bras. Council estates. Rolling Stones music with a montage of sewing machine feet holding material, general factory floor shots, close ups of girl's faces. Question put to workers, is work for combating nature and surviving or is work full of avarice to make something out of somebody else? (Brilliant wallpaper in background). "It's My Life" by the Rolling Stones peppered throughout this documentary.

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