Film: 8619

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Electronic computer in commerce 1950's

Early experimental work in the application of the electronic computer as an aid to management.

Multicoloured balloons. A large street market (possibly in Scalter street, London) full of people. A street vendor is auctioning a tea set. A woman in the audience or street. Money is passed between people. Puppies in a basket, a boy points at the puppies, the vendor picks one up and hands it to the boy. A metal plate full of coins and some pound notes. A man plays the "Magic house " trick. The tea set vendor asks a buyer to pick up a brown paper bag in front of the stall. A hot dog vendor hands over a hot dog to a customer. A man and a woman examine a bright red plastic watering can. A 1940's television set. Two fabric vendors unwrap material while two men stand behind them. An elderly man examines a bunch of dried flowers that a woman is holding, she has a scarf wrapped around her head. The pottery street vendor is trying to sell his products. The audience looks amused. The street vendor tries to sell his products (pottery). The street audience smiles. Overview of the large street market. An overview of a large building, focus on one of the building's windows. A man, probably a manager points at a graph showing U.K. sales. An expensive looking office with one man standing at a desk while another is sitting, there are two empty chairs. A man is pointing at a graph showing U.K. sales, he joins the other two men in the office and sits down at the desk. The three men talk to each other, the man that sat down examines large amounts of papers while he talks. The man that was standing bends over to one of the men sitting down, he opens a folder, the other two men gather around him. A factory line with women sorting green peas. Close up of green peas in containers on an automatic line. A woman holding a notepad is ticking with a pen. Boxes of frozen peas from the "Birds Eye" company are stacked together. A woman and a man stand by a till machine, a Birds Eye sales list is next to the till machine. Groceries are stocked and loaded onto delivery trucks. A man writes on a notepad. A red delivery truck reverses out of the stock room, another delivery truck is being fully loaded. A London street with people going into a building. A farmers Weekly book. A close up of a page showing Agriculture reports. Letters being sorted in the post office. A woman telephonist. A typing marconigram is receiving messages, a woman retrieves it. A group of telephonists at a telephone central. An office with very long rows of desks full of women typing and doing clerical work. Close up of a woman typing, of another using an accountants calculator, some are handwriting etc. A woman is counting or using a calculator (a Burroughs calculator). Close up of maybe a Monroe calculator. Close up of maybe a Burroughs calculator. Close up of another calculator. Forms are stamped. Close up of a Monroe calculator. A list is checked by hand. Close up of a calculator. More forms are checked. Close up of another calculator. A paper is looked up in a filling cabinet. Close up of figures calculated by the calculating machine. Overview of the clerks in a large office. Close ups of the "In Tray" and of the "Out Tray" and of the "Pending Tray". View of a electronic computer, three people operate it. View of the "Data" Personnel typing in data. View of the computer printout room, three woman are visible working. Another view of the electronic computer. A woman is sitting at a desk, she picks up a paper from the "in" tray, then looks in a filling system, looks back to her piece of paper (Wages) writes on another paper, uses the calculating machine, writes on the paper, ticks on another paper, writes on the paper. The words "Input", "Storage", "Control", "Output" and "Calculation" appear written above the clerk's desk. The same words appear on their own on the screen. View of the computer with one person operating it. View of the high speed memory boxes, one is open and a man is apparently servicing it. The word input appears above the image of the data input personnel. Close up of the data being typed and transferred into the form of punched taped. Close up of the punched tape. Close up of the Typist inputting data. One of the typist collects a long punched tape and passes the information to be retyped by another typist. Close up of the correct master tape. A woman takes the master tape to a tape reading machine. Close up of the tape being fed to the reading machine. The word "Storage" appears above the image of computer cables. Close up of a random revolving magnetic disk. Close up of a circuitry or of analogous sets of tapes. Close up of magnetic film. The words "Calculation" and "Control" appear just before views of the computer's circuitry. The output is usually in the form of magnetic film. A woman is collecting a reel of magnetic film. This magnetic film is taken by a woman and given to another woman who will convert it to a number of punched paper tapes. View of the magnetic film being loaded onto a machine. View of the punched tape being converted to written typed words and numbers by an electronic typewriter. View of an electronic type writer with a woman bending over it. Close up of typed forms. A woman reads information from a file and types it into the computer. Drawings of a clerk and of a man over 65, of a person under 18 of an adult man, of a girl, of an adult woman and of a woman over 60, of a girl etc. These drawings are organised into a chart which help the National Health Services, the computer makes decisions based on Yes and No statements. An office of a company with three men sitting at a desk (At The United Africa Confectionary Buyer). View of the confectionary products. A man points at the map of Africa while another man is sitting at a desk looking at the map. Close up of the map of Africa with a pen pointing at West Africa maybe Lagos. A wooden box with the words "Lagos West Africa" is loaded onto the "Katsina Palm" ship. A black African man is operating the loading of the ship. The wooden box arrives on the ship, a man is directing its placement. Sacks are unloaded from a ship onto a rowing boat full of semi naked African people. Boxes are unloaded from the ship. Close up of the rows of an African canoe or boat. View of the boats rowing to shore ( in Africa). The boats arrive and are unloaded onto a beach. View of a African Beach with boats lined on the shore, some people are among the boats. An African town street with plenty of people walking about and with some cars moving along. A truck is being unloaded by an African man, an African man is carrying a box on his head while another holds a folder with papers. Another view of an African street with people walking and riding bicycles. A street market in an African village, a women are carrying baskets on their heads. Another view of the African village, there are wooden boxes and sacks on the side of the road, people are walking about. An African shop is selling all sorts of goods ( from groceries to Singer sewing machines), a women came and go buying from the shop. Close up of the shop's owner showing groceries to a woman. Close up of the African woman. View of the shop owner passing groceries to a woman, he puts them in her basket. Close up of the African woman's face, she is negotiating prices. Close up of the shop owner's face. Another close up of the woman's face. Close up of the shop owner's face, he writes down what the woman is saying. Another close up of the woman's face, she is charming. View of the woman putting groceries into her basket. Numbers are written down on a piece of paper (probably an invoice or ordering form). Another view of the African shop, the woman is paying for her goods, she leaves. A African man is sitting at a desk in a shop, he scares a chicken away from the desk and is handed a piece of paper by the shop owner. Close up of the African man's face, he looks through papers. More papers are looked through. View of three men sitting at a desk at the "United Africa Confectionary" Company. Close up of one of a man. View of an office with very busy clerks, four men stand talking at the front of the office, they may be management, three men leave together another goes in the opposite direction. Three men come into an office, the office has a man working at a desk, one of the men shows the other two a piece of paper on the desk, one of the men stays with the man that is working at a desk. The second man is taken to another man also working at a desk, he listens to the man, he is probably a computer programmer. Another view of the office clerks working. Close up of two office clerks working together. Close up of an office clerk or of a computer programmer writing on a piece of paper. Close up of a flow chart drawn by a computer programmer. View of the office clerk and of the computer programmer working together, a third man joins them and shows the programmer a blue sheet of paper. A woman is writing on a pad while a man stands next to her, the man is looking at a composite flow chart on the wall. View of two people in an office next to two flow charts. A man walks into the office and talks to the computer programmer. The programmer shows him papers on his desk. View of the papers arranged on the desk, a man picks a paper up and talks about it. Another view of the computer programmer talking to a man and showing him a flow chart on the wall. Close up of the flow chart. Close up of the computer programmer describing the flow chart. View of the computer with an operator and two men standing by him. Another view of the computer and of the operator, a man is touching the dials. Close up of the computer lights flashing on and off. Close up of the magnetic film reels. Another view of the computer with the computer programmers. Another view of the data input staff, one is handed data for inputting. Another view of the computer room, a computer programmer shows a stack of paper to another man (probably the computer buyer, the computer programmer feeds the punctured tape into the computer reading machine. The computer is operated by the operator. Close up of the magnetic tape. Computer lights flash on and off. Two men leave the computer room, a woman operates the computer. The programmer walks into the print room with the prospective buyer, he hands over computer tape to a woman who feeds it to a electronic typewriter, they observe the printed results. The buyer and the computer programmer examine the computer printout. A 1950's fighter plane in the air. An aeronautical hanger. A radio telescope. An atomic energy research centre. Close up of a pig. Pigs in a field. Close up of a pig's face. A counter with bacon packets and with "Walls" sausages, there are also other "Walls'" products such as pork pies and pasties, salami and bacon. Drawing of a pig in various colours. Drawing of one pig. Lots of pigs drawings. A drawing of a pig is cut up into strips. One strip represents one slice of bacon (drawn in red and white). The red colour represents lean meat and the white colour represents fat. Animation showing different coloured pigs selected through a funnel. These selected pigs are transformed into lean and fat bits which get collected together into a block of red (lean) and white (fat). Animation showing mathematicians. Close up of the animation cartoon's head with mathematical writing on it. Blue, green, yellow and red lights flash on the screen. Animation describing computer tape and mathematical formulae. Animation showing pigs coming out of the computer, pigs enter factory and come out bacon and ham. Animation showing ship transportation around the world. Drawing of a factory growing in size and of the materials, labour needed, of main consumer and export access. Animation showing the production line of hot water bottles, followed by hand bag production. Another animation of a factory with a smoking chimney and of how a computer can calculate the production schedules. Animation showing how labour in a factory can be made efficient by the use of a computer. A London street market. The pottery seller. A woman walking on a street pavement. A large number of people walking into a building. Several close ups of calculators. Overall view of clerks in an office. An aeronautical factory, an aeroplane is being built. A planning department office, with men poured over large sheets of paper. Close up of bright red vans. Transport vans arrive at the store's warehouse. Drawing of a door with "Computer department" written on it. The words "Computer Department" fill the screen. View of the computer room with programmers and operators.

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