Film: 8625

Animation | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A cartoon using a camera on time line, shows main events in earth's history i.e. beginning, dinosaurs and first man 1960's

Space and stars. White line drawing of cave man, dinosaur and pyramid on space background. Planet earth in space. Focus on North America and South America. Barren landscape, small rock piles. Mountains. Desert landscape and mountains. Layers of the earth's crust. Time line - dinosaur and caveman. Earth's beginning five billion years at bottom. Now at top. One part of time line close up. 100 million years. Time line camera close up. Wavy lines. Lots of roads with traffic. Gases steaming. Molten lava, red, yellow sky. Camera. Gases and lava with land formations. Camera. Barren rock and water. Dawn through water. Bottom of water. Specks of algae. Camera. Rocks and water. In water coral, two jellyfish and two trilobites. Top two segments of line and camera. Mountains, water and dinosaurs in water. Ichthyosaur in water and mozasaur Plesiosaur on surface. Rocky landscape, ferns, small dinosaur. Camera. Rocky landscape, triceratops, brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and flying dinosaurs (pterodactyls ?) Small shrew in tree. Camera. Giant sloth. Strange bird. Early horse. Landscape with trees. Pink time line. Bottom 50,000 years. Camera with ice. Snow covered mountains. Rocky landscape with cave men, tent and dead buffalo. Camera. Rock landscape water and trees. Cave entrance. Inside cave, two people painting on wall. Grass landscape, trees, straw huts and people. Men in fields farming. Camera. Two large pyramids. Camera with American flag.
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