Film: 8626

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Costa Del Sol and Torremolinos Spain 1960's

Depicting the more built up parts of the Costa del sol, with its discos, high rise hotels and its crowded beaches, as well as the more obscure and unseen parts of the del sol. The disco montages are particularly good for fashion at the time.

A busy beach, people in swimwear walk along the shore, a group of white pedalos are moored on the beach, camera pans round, 'X film presents' is imposed over the image, followed by 'La Costa del Sol', camera pans around almost 360 degrees. The camera is now situated behind the beach, panning around at the parasols and the sunbathers. The camera now in the position of a 'birds eye view', panning across the long strip of crowded beach. In land, Costa del sol is a very busy resort, high rise hotels and villas are everywhere.
Inside a disco, people dressed in groovy 60's fashions, a girl dancing in a cage. A montage of dancing shots and close ups of peoples faces, some very short mini skirts are apparent! An beatnik type artist is in the disco painting at an easel. A flashing neon sign reads 'Pipers'. Girl in disco dancing. A large sign in black and white reads: 'London Town'. Same girl in disco dancing. Florescent 'playboy' sign. Girl in disco dancing. Flouriest sign' lepi club'. Girl dancing. Artist in the disco painting at his easel. Camera sweeps around the disco, pans up to the mirror ball. Montage of shot of the streets of Torremolinos at night, full of flashing neon signs.

Daylight, waves lapping against the shore, the camera pans down to a nearly empty beach. Birds sitting and flying over rocks in the sea. A woman lying on a lone beach, sunbathing. A line of white washing flapping in the sun. a white stone house, surrounded by dry dusty gravel and some vegetation. Close up of white house. Camera pans around to depict other white washed houses in the background. Close up of some plants. White stone house. Big waves crashing against the shore, camera pans around to the beach, which is empty. Six wooded boats moored on a beach. Close up of the boats on the beach. Lots of metal anchors on the beach. More metal anchors on a beach. Houses in the rocky hills, overlooking the sea. Aerial shot of a large coastal town, camera pans across the white villas and hotels to a large stone castle or fortress overlooking the town. Close up of castle walls. Birds eye view of the rocky coast line. Camera pans across the town of white buildings on a large hill. Close up of the town on the hill. Close up of a castle like building on top of the hill surrounded by white washed buildings and trees. Close up of tree, panning around to reveal more vegetation. Close up of palm tree. Close up of rocky coast line, camera pans out to the sea. Another town of white washed buildings.

A person swimming in the sea, camera zooms out to reveal the rocky coast line. A montage of shots inside a rocky underground cave: ' the largest pre-historic caves in Europe'. On top of a rocky cliff, camera pans down towards the sea. A birds eye view of a small busy beach, people sunbathing, playing etc. Close up of beach, camera pans out to the sea, people in boats, swimming and playing. A shot of a large, almost empty coast line. Small cove, with a white washed villa overlooking the sea, camera pans round toward the sea. A close up of a large fishing boat in a harbour. Camera pans across the harbour full of boats, camera pans up to the rocky cliffs and zooms into the white snow capped mountains in the distance.

A snow tractor, ploughing its way through the snow on a mountain covered in thick white snow. A tractor driving along a clear stretch of mountain road, although everything else is covered in snow. As if in a car, the camera pans quickly across the snowy landscape. Still in a car, but looking out of the front window screen, driving up towards a mountain cabin. Close up of mountain cabin, in brilliant sunshine. Inside cabin, a cosy living room, with red sofas surrounding an unlit log fire. A large restaurant full of tables. Close up of icicles hanging from the cabins roof. A sign post inn the mountains entitles: 'Sierra Nevada, Altitud. 2,500', camera pans across the snowy mountains. A small town away from the snowy mountains (they can be seen in the distance), full of beautiful buildings: ' Granada, a city of dreams and fantasy, the very epitome of lyrical beauty'. Inside a spectacular courtyard, Moslem style at the Alhambra, lots of lattice style archways and a splendid fountain. In an archway, the camera looks over the building, it pans quickly to another archway, and then to another and then to another where it stops looking over a small courtyard with a rectangle shaped pool with a small fountain at one end of it. A still photo, in black and white, dressed in what appears to be exotic Indian attire, sitting in the courtyard. A still photo, in black and white, of a man and woman dressed in Indian attire sitting in the courtyard at a small table. A still photo, again in black and white,
of a group of men and woman outside in the courtyard, dressed in Indian attire.

A campsite, full of caravans, tents and cars, a row of palm trees line the back of the campsite. A small train with a carriage, drives past the campsite. Close up of palm tree. A yellow 'beetle' drives along a mountain road. A small costal town, set in the rocky coast line. ' This is the least boring coast in the world'. A very calm sea laps against the beach shore. Inland mountain, camera pans across to the near by sea. An old harbour built against a cliff side. On a large beach, lots do people sunbathing etc. large white hotels behind them. Large beach again, camera panning around in opposite direction to previous shot. At a harbour, modern style yachts are moored. More modern yachts in the harbour.

Rooftops of a town, camera pans around to a colourful pointed canvas, with a topless man painting on it, he turns and smiles at the camera. A man outside on a balcony, sitting at an easel, drawing a woman's face in charcoal, who sits in front of him. A man outside a shop painting, next to him are three or four colourful paintings. A sign pinned to a wall, entitled: ' En esta casa nacio Picasso' camera pans across a large building with many large windows with balconies. A painted canvas of an old man and woman. A painted canvas of a man in profile, camera pans down to the edge of the painting where there is some writing. A still black and white photo of a very young Picasso dressed in black suit and bow tie. Aerial shot of a coliseum, surrounded by high rise buildings, pans around o the sea.

An old fortress built in amongst the hills. Montage of villas within the rocky hill side. A large hotel in the hills, camera pans around the large courtyard area that over looks the sea. People playing and swimming in the sea. Six men sitting in large rock in the sea with fishing rods, fishing. Many little wooden fishing boats moored on the beach . Close up of fishing boat. Close up of rocky hill top, cam zooms out to a large white villa in the hills. Close up (probably) of goats moving along the rocky hillside. A man and a horse walking along the rocky landscape.

'Rhonda,or Ronda a city where time has stayed still'. A large stone castle in the hills. Close up of castle. The small cobbled streets of the city. Montage of small white washed buildings in the city. Close up of a very grand cathedral door. Camera pans across the city, looking down the cliffs. A stone bridge, it is joining two cliff parts together.. Montage shots of whitewashed buildings and churches. A man and a woman swimming. A man on his back swimming. A man swimming on a lilo. A woman in white bikini swimming. A woman in black swimming costume and white flowery swimming cap, swimming. Two children swimming with a ball, camera zooms out to depict the swimming pool right next to a busy beach. Large waves against the beach, camera pans around to the busy beach full of people. A woman in a bikini walking along Side of the pool. Boy swimming in the pool. Woman in pool. Woman on lilo in pool. Montage of shots of people beside the pool, sunbathing, sitting in deckchairs, reading etc., camera pans out to the sea.

Marbella. A close up of a window balcony, lots of pots of plants. Montage of whitewash buildings. A donkey dressed in a red saddle and lots of flags. A man riding a horse thought eh cobbled streets. A bus full of people driving along a road. Lots of people walking through a gateway. A man on a horse, herding two bulls through dusty field. Two matadors getting out of a car. Close up of matador. A matador signing papers (autographs?) . A woman being helped onto a donkey by three men. A matador riding a horse. A row of matadors surrounded by a crowd of people. A woman antagonizing a bull with a large piece of red cloth. A man in a black suit and sun glasses, of seeming importance, is greeting the matadors. A bullfighter or matador with the woman and the all. The man in the black suit talks to two matadors. A man sits with a matador's hat on his head and a guitar in his arms staring at the camera. A large group of matadors walk in to the arena, crowds cheer. A man riding a donkey fast through tee streets. A man water-skiing in the sea. Lots of small boats in harbour. Another harbour shot. A large cruiser ship going past the harbour. A small motorized boast riding into the sea, close up of the boat at sea. The coast line from the view point of the boat a sea, lots of hotels and villas etc.. Still in boat, different coast line, small villas, empty shore line. A man playing golf, swinging his club. Camera pans around the golf course. A man teas off, observed by another man. Six shots repeating him swinging his golf club. The club house surrounded by lush palm tree. A crowded beach full of people, sunbathing etc. camera pans out to the sea. Camera pans across an empty beach, lots of little rock pool lead out to the sea. An empty beach. Another empty beach, camera pans across it long sandy shore.

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