Film: 8627

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Educational film about two stroke motorbike engines and motorcycles 1970's

Orange jumpsuit and yellow helmet clad biker kick starts his KTM motorcycle and rides off down a residential street with a L plate on. At a Shell petrol station attendant shows learner motorcyclist how to fill up his KTM motorbike with petrol, using the self-service facility. The rider doesn't understand the difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. Science of two stroke engines with diagrams is explained. Good close ups of Japanese motorbikes including a Yamaha and a 125cc Honda. Film resumes at the petrol station where the uniformed Shell attendant asks for the KTM manual to calculate the correct amount of oil to add to the petrol. Oils and their function are then explained with examples of oil in glass beakers and views of damaged pistons. Film returns to the petrol station and shot of Shell 2 stroke oil bottle and attendant demostrates how to fill the bike. Another motorcyclist pulls in on a Kawasaki KH250. He proceeds to fill his tank with petrol. He lifts the seat to explain to the KTM rider how his bike is different and has a separate oil tank, rather than it being mixed directly with the petrol.
Yamaha 250 waits at traffic lights. Close ups of speedo and handlebars. Bike rides off on green light and is filmed travelling along road at speed. Close ups of riders leg and engine whilst on the move. Same Yamaha rides towards the camera on a busy 3 lane motorway. A bunch of bikers look at their bikes, GT750 Suzuki and GT380 Suzuki, close ups of engines. Back at the petrol station the conversation over oil continues and the Kawasaki rider kick starts his bike and rides off. More parked up bikers chat with close ups of Yamaha Enduro 100 and another GT750 Suzuki. The KTM rider finally leaves the petrol station. Isle of Man TT races, footage of Shell oils and racers making pit stops.

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