Film: 8630

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Very badly paced mini-feature starring Rin Tin Tin 1930's

Set in the North of U.S.A., possible Rocky mountain area. Contains brutal scene of Rin Tin Tin being beaten half to death and nearly drowning.

Rin Tin Tin and smaller white dog bark and play together. Three people in woolly hats and thick coats stand nearby. They run off. Cut to a couple sitting on a log, hugging. Cut to the three people creeping through the snow. They steal furs from outside a log cabin and make off. Two dogs bark. Three people running. The couple stroll through the snowy forest. The dogs run down a snowy hill. The couple approach the cabin and notice that the dogs and furs are missing. He calls to the dogs. Rin Tin Tin runs back towards the cabin. Smaller dog follows. Man berates Rin Tin Tin for not guarding the furs. Woman defends Rin Tin Tin. Rin Tin Tin gallops off to find the furs.

Couple enter a police station (?) Man inside is old and wears a checked shirt. First man tells him about the theft. Cut to three thieves. One loads a canoe with the furs. The second keeps watch with a rifle. Man with boat arranges to meet others and paddles away. Rin Tin Tin appears. Two thieves look in the window of a log cabin - it appears they have just completed a burglary. They take the gun and bags of swag and leave. Man in canoe gets out and takes bag of furs. Rin Tin Tin observes. Thief wraps himself in blankets and sits on the ground with his gun. Thief falls asleep. Rin Tin Tin attacks him, watched by the small white dog nearby. Thief lashes out and kicks at the dog. Thief runs away.

Cut to couple, old white-haired man and group outside their cabin. They report the burglary to him. The posse set off, following the snow tracks. White-haired man stays with woman. Cut back to lone thief. He attacks Rin Tin Tin with the oar from his canoe. Thief gets back into canoe. Rin Tin Tin watches from behind a tree. Thief fires a pistol at Rin Tin Tin who shelters behind a tree stump. Cut to two other thieves trudging through the snow. They pause to rest. They see posse in the distance. Cut to posse looking for tracks.

Cut to Rin Tin Tin watching kayak. Rin Tin Tin swims out to kayak. Thief sees him and shouts and waves his arms. Thief hits dog with oar. Rin Tin Tin yelps in pain. (This is a horrible scene, even though Rin Tin Tin is possibly replaced by a dummy). Cut to battered body of Rin Tin Tin submerged in the water. White dog swims out in pursuit of the thief. Magically revived Rin Tin Tin swims to shore. Cut to two thieves walking in snow. One moans that he is tired. Posse following tracks. Thief steers canoe to shore and gets out, taking the furs. He cackles. Rin Tin Tin watches him from on top of a rock. He goes back to sleep in blankets on the ground. He is startled by a little bunny rabbit. He goes back to sleep. He is startled by Rin Tin Tin who hides behind a tree. Thief sees a bear trap and fixes it up for Rin Tin Tin. He covers the trap in grass cuttings to disguise it. Thief takes bag of furs and runs away. He stops further down the track. Cut to two other thieves still trudging along. One rests against a tree. Posse march through snow. Rin Tin Tin sniffs around thief's abandoned blankets. Thief dozes off. Rin Tin Tin uncovers trap - it does not go off. Rin Tin Tin re-covers trap with blanket and hides behind tree. He emerges and barks. Thief wakens and runs towards dog. Rin Tin Tin launches himself at thief's head. Thief staggers back and puts his foot in the bear trap and his hand in the metal chain. He cries for help. Rin Tin Tin finds kayak. He takes a run up and jumps into the canoe, forcing it onto the lake or river. Rin Tin Tin floats away at an unlikely pace.

Two thieves hear their friend's cries for help. And find him trapped. They release the traps. Posse see the canoe float by with Rin Tin Tin inside. Rin Tin Tin jumps to shore. Dog steals his master's scarf from round his neck. Rin Tin Tin runs through snow, master follows. Rin Tin Tin attacks thieves. Owner fights them. Posse carrying rifles and pistols arrive and thieves give themselves up. Rin Tin Tin's owner, a woman, waits for their return. Rin Tin Tin in canoe nearby barks and wags his tail at master. Rin Tin Tin takes fur in his mouth and presents it to his mistress. Couple embrace, Rin Tin Tin finds white dog. The two dogs run back to the log cabin and the couple. Looks like they'll all live happily ever after.

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