Film: 8631

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Italy in the 1960's

A shot of Venice, through Italy, looking across the lagoon towards St Marks Square. Close up of a gondolier boat man rowing. He wears a straw boater and striped T shirt. A view from the water travelling looking at the facade of the Doges Palace with gondoliers in front. A view of a man and woman in a gondolier with St Marks Square behind them. A travelling view of the Grand Canal as seen from the waters, coming towards the Rialto bridge. Close up of another bridge with a banner and a gondolier passing underneath. A gondolier of tourists passes some waterside buildings. The couple in the boat on the lagoon are now seen in a narrow canal. The woman wears a red dress and the man a white shirt and dark glasses. A working boat passes. Our couple passes under a bridge. A view of the Campanile di San Marco ( Bell Tower ) and of St Mark's Cathedral with people on the square in front of the Cathedral. People walking on the street in front of the Torre dei Mori ( the Clock Tower ). Two girls feeding the pigeons. A man feeding the pigeons with a woman taking a picture of him. A view of St Mark's Square. People gathering around to watch while the pigeons are fed. Pigeons flying and eating while people watch. A man walking through the pigeons spreading seeds from a bucket.

A view of Ponte Vecchio in Florence. A view of the entrance of the Duomo with, on the left, a corner of the Battistero with a horse carriage passing by. Facade of the Duomo, in the back the Cappella del Brunelleschi ( Brunelleschi's Chapel ). An aerial view of a fountain, cars parked in a square across a road. A view of the fountain. A view of the statue of David with some tourists walking around. An artisan working at his table, wearing an overall, a pair of glasses and with a cigarette pending from his mouth, on the table few boxes and other objects. A close up of the artisan's hands picking up with a tweezer some small pieces of jewellery. Another artisan making leather boxes. A close up of the artisan's hands smothering with a tool the top of a leather box which features a checked pattern, and polishing it. A view of the Torre di Pisa ( Pisa Tower ) and of the Duomo with a photographer taking a picture of two people. A view of the Torre di Pisa ( Lean Tower ) from the bottom to the very top. A view of a triumphal arch in Milan surmounted by a chariot and horses, cars and a Vespa motorbike circulating around it. A view of the Duomo ( Milan's Cathedral ) with two traffic policemen controlling the road. A view of Piazza del Duomo ( Duomo's Square ) with the Cathedral in the back. View of the Cathedral facade. A view of the Scala theatre with people walking in the street, parked cars and electric bus passing by. Another view of the Scala theatre showing the front of the building with the electric bus stopped just outside it.

A view of the city of Milan. A shot of a modern building. A view of a busy road with cars, bicycles and a Vespa motorbike, at the back a high modern building. A view from the bottom to the top of a modern skyscraper. Workers walking and riding bicycles coming out from an industrial factory, passing through the gates of the factory. A woman working at a weaver-loom in a factory. Two workers in a steel factory pouring out from a melting pot liquid steel. Workers in a production line building a car. Workers loading a truck with tyres and piled them on top of each other ( Pirelli factory ? ). A view from the sea of the port of Genoa with some boats, ships and part of the city in the background. An equestrian statue in the middle of a square, with few cars and a filo-bus ( electric bus ) circulating around it. A view of a busy road with some workers excavating and, on the right, a wall surmounted by two towers. A view from the bottom to the top of Cristoforo Colombo ( Christopher Columbus' ) house covered by plants, a man passing by. A view of Christopher Columbus' monument. Detail of the inscription engraved on the monument's base: A Cristoforo Colombo la Patria ( To Christopher Columbus The Country ). A view of the monument's top. A close up of the statue of Christopher Columbus himself that surmounted the monument. A view of the city and of the bay of Naples, with Vesuvius in the background. A view of a square ( Piazza del Plebiscito ? ) with people and cars passing by. A view of the facade of Saint Carlo's Theatre, a bus passing in front of it. A view through an arch of the theatre's top where is engraved the theatre's name

Real Teatro di S. Carlo ( Royal Theatre of Saint Carlo ). View from the inland of the bay and part of Naples. View of Castle Saint Elmo with busses parked in front of it and some cars circulating. A view of a square with an equestrian statue, people and cars passing by. Panoramic view of the volcano Vesuvio with some farmers in a field. Three people admiring the ruins of Pompeii. View of the remaining of a temple with some tourists passing near by. A group of four young tourists walking and standing among some ruins, one of them is wearing a cap and has a map ( ? ) in his hands, and carries a camera, of the other three the tallest is wearing a pair of sun-glasses. View of some more ruins and of a statue that stands on the right of the screen. A close up of the four tourists. The four tourists walk among the ruins of a temple. View of the interior of what was an house whit a fountain in the middle ( known as the Casa del Fauno ). View of the interior of another house with some tourists walking under a portico. View of the columned portico with some tourists standing on the left of the screen. A middle aged man leaning on a wall to look in a jar that is embodied into the wall. Some broken jars on display. A group of tourists in a road that is sided by ruins of some buildings. A view of the volcano Vesuvius as seen through two columns. A view of a road with a woman riding on the back of a mule pulled by a man, a woman dressed completely in black, a woman carrying a basket on her head and other people with a village in the back on the top of an hill. Two farmers working on the side of a hill with a plough pulled by four oxen, in front of them a little boy pulling a rope attached to the plough. A view of a field with some farmers picking up potatoes ( ?). Two farmers, both wearing a straw hat, one of them hold a bag and the other emptying a basket of potatoes in it. Farmers piling up hay in two haystacks. Close up of the face of one farmer who's wearing a straw hat and holding a wooden hay-fork. Men and women harvesting hay with the help of a harvester. Another view of the harvester and some men and women working. Farmers in a field around a tractor harvesting hay, among them a woman and a young boy. A cart with a man pulled by two oxen passing among some olive trees. A view of the cart. A view of a vineyard. Young boys walking through a vineyard carrying on their shoulders baskets of grapes, eating some grapes while they walk. A man moving baskets of grapes wearing a cap and a canottiera ( T-shirt ). Two men loading baskets of grapes on a cart. View, shot from a moving car, of an autostrada ( highway ).

Panoramic view of the city and of the bay of Salerno. View of the beach of Salerno. View of the cemetery where are buried the remaining of the allied soldiers who died during the Italian Campaign of the Second World War. A view of a car travelling on the road that leads from Salerno to Rome. View of a hill on top of which is the Abbazia di Montecassino ( Montecassino Abbey ). View of the top of the hill with the Abbey. Panoramic view of the Abbey. A view of Rome, on the right Castel Sant'Angelo ( Saint Angelo's Castle ), and in the back the Cupola di San Pietro ( Saint Peter's Dome ). A view of the Arco di Costantino ( Costantino's Arch ) with some cars circulating around it and on the right part of the Coliseum. A frontal view of Costantino's Arch. A view of the Fori Imperiali (Roman Forum ). A view of a building inside the Roman Forum. Two tourists looking at an inscription engraved in a marble block. A close up of the inscription. A view from a different perspective of the Roman Forum. A man walking through the ruins with, on the right, a triumphal arch. A view of the triumphal arch. A group of tourists walking down the Appia Antica ( Appian way ). A close up of the plate on which is engraved the name of the road. A different view of the Appian way, with pine trees and roman ruins at its sides. A view of the road with on the left the monumental Tomba di Cecilia Metella ( Cecilia Metella Tomb ). A view of the Coliseum, and in front of it, the Costantino's Arch. A view of the Colosseum as seen from one of its sides. Two women in a convertible car looking at the Colosseum. A view of the inside of the Coliseum. The two tourists women inside the Colosseum, one is wearing a striping dress, a scarf over her head and dark glasses, the other a dress. View of the arena. View of a bridge, in the back Saint Angelo's Castle. Frontal view of the castle with some people walking on a bridge. View of a church. View of another church. View of the internal cloister of San Paolo fuori le mura ( Saint Paul outside the walls ). Close up of the mosaics adorning the facade. A view of Via della Conciliazione, with Saint Peter's at the end of the road, people cars and motorbikes. A view of the Cathedral from Piazza San Pietro ( Saint Peter's Square ) with tourists and coaches. A view of the main entrance with tourists walking in and out. A carabiniere ( a policeman ) wearing the traditional uniform and some nuns passing by. Swiss guards marching in front of a gate. Changing of the guards. Close up at the colourful uniform of a Swiss guard. A view of a public mass with people gathered in Saint Peter's Square to listen to the Pope, and the poritico. A close up of the window of the Pope palace, from which the Pope is preaching. A view of the people in the square. Another view of the Pope at the window. Another view of the people in the square. View of Saint Peter's Cathedral from the end of Via della Conciliazione.

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